Last night, about an hour and half before sunset, I said “Let’s go swimming!” We are currently in Maui for a “work-cation” as I like to call it. Bear is here with Geoff and I along with Geoff’s mom. So we all scrambled to get into our swimming clothes, slathered a bit of sunscreen on the baby, loaded in the car and headed down the street to the beach.

Maui Swimming Ohana 001

As we walked across the grassy park and down to the sandy beach, we came upon the most gorgeous sunset going down over the ocean. Geoff walked Bear down to the water as I grabbed my camera. As Bear’s toes touched the ocean waves for the first time since he was about nine months old, he giggled with joy. The small waves broke across his tiny feet and he squealed with glee. His happiness nearly brought a tear to my eye. Geoff set off for a swim in the ocean and I played with Bear on the shore. We ran up into the sand and barreled into the oncoming waves. Back and forth, back and forth with the biggest smiles on our faces. I don’t think I have ever seen Bear that happy. In that moment, we all felt the happiest we have been in a while. Simply enjoying life, the beauty around us, the warm waves, our time together as a family.

Maui Swimming Ohana 006Maui Swimming Ohana 005Maui Swimming Ohana 009Maui Swimming Ohana 012Maui Swimming Ohana 011

I left Bear to play with his grandma and joined my husband in the deeper waters. The last time we swam together in the ocean, we were on Oahu and I was pregnant with Bear. Before that, we were in the warm waters off the shore of Thailand. Those moments of being isolated together with the undulations of the waves all around us are very precious to me. They always make me feel closer to him and remind my of all the good times we have had together.

Maui Swimming Ohana 013Maui Swimming Ohana 015Maui Swimming Ohana 017

It was getting dark, so we all decided to head back in, a tired but blissfully happy little family. As we did I thought aloud to Geoff, “These are the memories that we’ll keep forever.” And it’s true. Traveling with a toddler can be tiring and crazy at times, but it is to experience these moments together that I would go through the hassle ten times over. The joy on my son’s face, gazing out at the vibrant colors of the sun setting, swimming in the Pacific Ocean with my husband, watching Bear play happily with his grandma, all these memories are what make life sweet.

Maui Swimming Ohana 002

Sketchbook : July 13, 2015

Missing Picnic Wednesday. When life gets busy, I guess it falls by the wayside, buy that is exactly when you need it most. I even used real brushes for everything here except the blanket. I normally use the water brush that came with my Koi paint set so it was nice to branch out.

Materials: Koi Watercolor Field Set

Sketchbook : July 9, 2015

Experimenting with TWO new goodies, masking liquid and gold liquid gilding. So fun! I found that the gilding bleeds a red color when it is applied directly to paper, but looks really good over watercolor. It’s hard to tell in the photo but it is SUPER metallic looking, very shiny. The masking liquid has some fun possibilities and works really well, I just didn’t wait for the gilding to dry before I rubbed the masking off, so it looks a little dirty. 

Sketches 016

Materials: Koi Watercolor Field Set, Martha Stewart Gold Liquid Gilding, Masking Liquid

Sketchbook : July 8, 2015

Out in the backyard with Bear, so of course I was inspired to paint some bears. I really like the little guy in the lower left. The second page was inspired by some digital paintings I was doing the night before. I call it, “People of Color.” Ha. Seriously though, I think it is one of my favorite pages in my sketchbook so far.Sketches 012Sketches 013

Later in the day I met up with my friend Brit, who wanted me to teach her how to watercolor. I told her I don’t have a ton of knowledge to impart, but a painting friend date just might be my favorite kind. I taught her how to draw a pineapple, some Blob Dogs, a palm tree, and a watermelon. I do like that little hula girl. I also bought some masking liquid tonight and played with is a teensy bit. I’m excited to try it out more.

Sketches 014Sketches 015

Materials: Koi Watercolor Field SetPentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen, Masking Liquid

Sketchbook : July 5, 2015

I hadn’t ben drawing or painting in a while and I was really starting to feel it. When I don’t get to be creative for a while I get really antsy for it and/or sad. I went up to my bed for some time alone to paint and this lady was the result. I think she looks sad/mad, kind of how I was feeling at the time. After that I started drawing random shapes and (some of them) started looking like dogs so I added the black outlines.

Sketches 009Sketches 010

Materials: Koi Watercolor Field SetPentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen, Pencil

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