Art Everyday: week forty-four

This was a heavy week, of both highs and lows. It was the week we found out we were going to be having girl! Yay! It was also a time of turbulence in our country as the election was going on. I made “Violated” in response to certain infamous comments made by then-presidential hopeful, now president elect (sighhhhh), Donald Trump. I posted it to social media with this message: “As a woman, it has been so saddening to realize there are so many people out there willing to turn a blind eye to this type of behavior. I have been groped by a stranger in public myself, and was quick to dismiss it, because “these things just happen”. That’s not the world I want my kids to grow up in. That’s not the kind of man I want my son to be.” And now I can say, that’s not the type of treatment I want my daughter to be subjected to. Visual style of that piece inspired by the great Tuesday Bassen. And then there are some animals thrown in there. These were representations of our family Halloween costumes.

“It’s a Girl!”

It s a girl by Lisa Bardot“Violated”Violated by Lisa Bardot

“Zebra, Giraffe, Lion (Mommy, Bear, Daddy)”

Zebra giraffe lion by Lisa Bardot

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