Art Everyday: week forty

Some stuff in here I’m really digging. Namely, “Noodle Eating Monster” inspired by my pregnancy and it’s obsession with carbs. Doodling this week was fun. I also drew “Neon Banana” inspired the awesome products by Electric Confetti. I want that neon banana so bad.


“Noodle Eating Monster”

Noodle Eating Monster by Lisa Bardot

“October Doodles”

October Doodles by Lisa Bardot


House by Lisa Bardot

“Tree Face”

Tree Face by Lisa Bardot

“I Want the Neon Banana”

I want the neon banana by Lisa Bardot

“Prickly Cactus”

Prickly Cactus by Lisa Bardot

“Dry Brush Bear”

Dry Brush Bear by Lisa Bardot

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