Art Everyday: weeks 28-37 (food)

This is part two of a series of catch-up from the summer. Read part one to learn about my pregnancy, and the “dark ages” of my Art Everyday project.

Food was a large and sometimes overwhelming part of my life this summer. Food was SUCH a challenge. I felt like if I was not eating every 15 minutes I was in agony. But, of course, absolutely nothing sounded appetizing to me. This just led to me feeling like crap all the time, unable to make decisions, and left my poor husband to try and figure out what the heck to feed me. Most of what I ate was comfort food, or stuff that was pretty bland, I would flat out refuse to eat anything with too many flavors (whatever that means). Lots of pasta and carb-y goodness. I also have an aversion to sweets which is super unusual because I normally have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. 

The first four pieces are a series I did of “foods I actually like”. For all of them I used a new lettering style I was playing around with and for the food itself, I tried to use simple shapes with two-dimesional details added in.

“Mac and Cheese” | Digital Painting

Mac and Cheese

“Spaghetti” | Digital Painting


“Enchiladas” | Digital Painting


“Caprese Salad” | Digital Painting

Caprese Salad

The ones below are not a part of the series, but also not foods I was opposed to eating.

“Pretzels” | Digital Painting


“Lemons” | Digital Painting

Untitled Artwork 2 copy

“Oh Another Banana” | Digital Painting

Oh another banana

“Peachy Pattern” | Digital Painting

Peachy Patterm

“Popcorny” | Digital Painting

Popcorn Pattern

“Multiplied Fruits and Veggies” | Digital Painting

Multiplied fruits and veggie

“Leaves and Bananas” | Digital Painting

Bananas and leaves

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