Art Everyday: weeks 46-52

Happy New Year! So excited that 2017 is here. This is my last Art Everyday post! Well, for 2016 at least. I’m grouping all of the rest of the year into one post. The last half of November and all of December were not the most fruitful in the art department. It was a combination of being crazy busy (will it ever slow down?) and really tired. All year for the most part, I have been doing my art-making at night after my son goes to bed. But of course this is the time of day that I am the most tired. So the last 7 weeks produced a total of 20 pieces (out of 49 days). Not bad, not great. But I’m glad I kept at it as much as I could. Most of the time the tiredness would manifest itself as, not the lack of desire to draw, but as the total cluelessness as to WHAT to draw. That really is the hard part. In this set there is a bunch (pun intended) of banana art, some doodles, a dinosaur I’m particularly fond of, and then in the last couple days, I started experimenting with a new illustration style that resulted in a new portrait for my little family. I’ve done a few of these and I know it will be fun to see how my artistic style changes along with how my family grows and changes.

“Five Banana Styles

Parctice Bananas by Lisa Bardot


Alligators by Lisa Bardot

“Random Things”

Random Things by Lisa Bardot

“Some Clouds”

Some Clouds by Lisa Bardot

“It’s the Moon

It s the moon by Lisa Bardot

“Pink Dino”

Pink Dino by Lisa Bardot


Mermaids by Lisa Bardot

“Color Wheel”

Color Wheel by Lisa Bardot

“Banana Pattern”

Banana Pattern by Lisa Bardot

“December Doodles”

December Doodles by Lisa Bardot

“Banana Pattern 2″

Banana Pattern 2 by Lisa Bardot

“Palm Springs Lettering”

Palm Springs Lettering by Lisa Bardot

“Bacon and Waffles”

Bacon and Waffles Pattern by Lisa Bardot

“Optimistic Sun”

Optimistic Sun by Lisa Bardot

“Winter Aria”

Winter Aria by Lisa Bardot



Worried by Lisa Bardot

“Cactus Pattern (unfinished)”

Untitled Artwork 6

“Dancing Lady”

Dancing Lady by Lisa Bardot

“New Girls”

New Girls by Lisa Bardot

“The Bardots Dec 2016″

The Bardots Dec 2016 by Lisa Bardot

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