Bear eats “people food”

It was time. It was the big blue eyes ogling our plates. It was the nursing sessions shortening. It was the constant gnawing on everything. Bear was letting us know he was ready for big kid food! Dad bought some delicious orange and yellow carrots from the farmer’s market. Bear is so lucky to have a dad that is an amazing chef! Geoff makes the most delicious food and he is so excited to introduce all of it to Bear. I’m a notoriously terrible cook, so it is a win-win situation.

I plan on continuing to nurse him in-between as long as he’ll let me. Hopefully we can make it to a year. I know I will miss that when it is all done, even if it IS a pain in the butt boobs sometimes. I told Geoff it would be a good idea for Bear only to eat food during mealtimes and that we should follow suit. Snacking between meals is definitely my downfall and it would be wonderful for all of us to establish good habits together. One of the values I love about the French is that they do not really snack. That’s probably why French women are so skinny! BUT they do partake in a  le goûter (pronounced “luh goo tay”), an afternoon snack. In Paris, we always ate dinner really late (we still do, really) so it made sense to have a little something something around 4:00. I love this ideas in relation to children too. It teaches delayed gratification and patience. When you are at the grocery store and your little one is begging for a treat, it is okay to say yes, as long as they wait for goûter to eat it. A little tip I picked up from a wonderful book I read, Bringing Up Bébé, I highly recommend this book for parents.

Another milestone in the books. It’s so fun watching him through all of these new experiences (for both of us!)

Bear Eats 001

Bear Eats 002

Bear Eats 003a

Bear Eats 007

Bear Eats 009

Bear Eats 010

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  • Lately I’ve been giving Ruby a snack around 4pm so as to avoid the “two dinner times” trap many families with young children get into sometimes. This enables me to prepare a proper meal that we can all sit down to at the same time (usually 6/6:30), which then allows for a fairly smooth transition into the bath, book, boob, bed routine. I love that now I have a fancy French name for our afternoon nibble! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love _Bringing Up Bebe_! I discovered that book after reading Jennifer Senior’s _All Joy and No Fun_ where she references _Bringing Up Bebe_. I actually checked out the e-audio book from the library and after listening to it I knew I had to have a copy at home for easy reference. My goal is to implement those French philosophies as well. My little dude is only 3.5 months, so I have a little time – ok, a teeny bit of time haha. I think a refresher read might need to go down soon though.

    Bear is an adorable bebe by the way and I love both his names. 🙂

    Warmest and fuzziest,