Bear’s colorful nursery

So. Bear is already nine months old, guys. I originally meant to do a nursery post before the baby came, but since Bear decided to arrive over 3 weeks early, things weren’t quite finished, and who-has-time-to-photograph-and-blog-a-nursery-with-a-newborn-baby-and-a-healing-body-anyway. Then life gets in the way and nine months pass before you realize you just need to bust out the camera and get things DONE! Well, I am actually glad it has taken this long because now the room has a few extra touches that come with nine months of living.

The idea for Bear’s nursery decor was inspired by a piece of artwork. It is Disneyland’s It’s a Small World, by the ride’s designer and favorite artist of mine, Mary Blair. See my previous post about the amazing Mrs. Blair and my obsession with her. Color was key in this room and you know I wanted all of them! So we painted everything white to give us a nice blank canvas to begin bringing in the hues. Along with lots of color, I knew I wanted the room to be modern, slightly eclectic, artsy, and inspirational, with lots of handmade things and thrift store finds. We had quite a few things to begin with as Geoff and I had been keeping a (rather large) box of items we’d collected over the years for our “non-existent child”, as we called it. We also wanted to stay very gender neutral as well. Without further ado, here we go! There are tons of pictures and I’ve done my best to include sources and links.

Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 002Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 003This canvas is actually the last thing we bought for the room before Bear was born and to me it is perfect. Silly, colorful, and inspirational of our love of travel and exploring the world — something we want to instill in our family for the rest of our lives. I found it on Pinterest ages ago and tracked it down for purchase hereColorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 008The yellow and green frame are two other Mary Blair pieces and the two bear drawings were done by me on my iPad after Bear was born. The little California bear (my home and favorite state) is wearing a party hat (because California knows how to party).  And I would be remiss to not have a bear with a bow tie. The hairstyling sun print is by Etsy artist ilovedoodle, called “Bad Hair Day”. Super cute right?Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 006I love those shelves stocked with colorful goodies. (Shelves from IKEAColorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 009Pinwheel print from IKEA and Camera toy is from Plan Toys.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 014The yellow vase is actually a kitchen utensils crock I found at Home Goods and I have actually managed to keep that plant alive for almost a year now. The little carrousel is a souvenir from Bellagio, Italy we bought just a couple weeks before we found out I was pregnant!Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 015All the other plant pots are regular old terra cotta pots from Lowes that I painted using the same paint as my dresser. True story: I suck at plants. I originally had some really cool succulents in these pots, which I replaced with a couple ferns when they died, and then finally with plastic plants when those died. It works for me. The little British guard is a thrift store find from a couple years ago that I got SO EXCITED about when I found it. Geoff is actually English and I knew he would love it. The rainbow toy is by Playable ART.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 010Squirrel is from Kid O, Rainbow stacking toy (my niece calls it the “rainbow cake”) is from Grimms. The Pantone Book is a beautiful one I found at Target, way before baby.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery-016Another true story. I was coveting this giant giraffe back in like, 2010. For reasons unexplainable (isn’t the fact that it’s a giant adorable giraffe reason enough?) I needed to have it in my life. Geoff did NOT support my giraffe needs. I tracked it on Amazon for ages and one day the price dropped to something like, $60 and I pounced. I wrote it off to Geoff as something for our non-existent child. The giraffe lived in our family room for a while, got moved around, dressed up for holidays, ridden on by my nieces and nephews, and the like. Geoff was not pleased. But you can imagine his relief when we had an ACTUAL nursery to put it in (he still did not love it like I did, oh well.) The char is the awesome IKEA Standmon with a few alterations. I sanded the black paint off all the legs and stained them a nice honey color to go with all the light woods in the room, You can’t see it in this photos but Geoff and my Dad helped me to convert the chair into a rocker by putting on rocking chair runners. Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 018This little side table is also a (partially unfinished) DIY project. I bought a table round and some furniture legs from the hardware store. I planned to chop the legs down and continue the yellow paint halfway down the legs, but never got around to it. The extra height was actually a good thing, it lined up perfectly with our bed when I was in it practically 24/7 this first few weeks. The little “bear” box is something I made in a Pigment and Parchment Hand-Lettering Class.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 004This lamp was another fun DIY project. I used a hanging light fixture from IKEA (can you tell I really like IKEA?) and wrapped the cord in lots of colored yarn. I also made a diffuser panel for the lampshade to soften the light a little. Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 020Bear’s crib (IKEA, of course — we got it for only $79, on sale) is home to some of his favorite knit stuffies, including Oswald the lucky rabbit, brought back from Disneyland and his teddy bear, that he sleeps with.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 041The closet in this room is very narrow and the sliding door that was there before left almost no room to get to anything in there. I took it off and made these bright orange curtains to cover the closet instead. A pop of color and function!Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 022This dresser has to be my favorite DIY from the room. I purchased this dresser a few years ago from Goodwill for about $15. I knew it would be perfect for a one-day kids room and I really loved the mismatched drawers and handles. Plus I have always wanted to try my hand at refinishing a piece of furniture. I sanded it down really well, painted the whole thing in a primer and few coats of a light cream color. Then I took direct inspiration form my Mary Blair print when planning out the triangle and stripe design. Honestly, it took me FOREVER to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with this dresser — paint it one bright color? Lots of colors? A pattern?  Cover the drawers in fabric? I was so stuck I almost scrapped the whole thing and bought a new dresser/changing table. I’m SO glad I persevered and stuck with the DIY route because I LOVE how it turned out. The changing mat on top is from Keekaroo and it is the BEST changing mat ever. It is made of rubber so if baby has an accident you can wipe it up, no laundry necessary. I highly recommend.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 021Elphabet is an adorable book by Etsy artist Bunny with a Toolbelt. She made our wedding cake toppers, and little figures of our dogs. She is awesome. I also framed a couple maternity photos taken by the amazing Sarah Maren.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 026This little print is designed by Andrew Kolb and comes in lots of different languages, of course, we had to pick french! I love looking at it every day when I change Bear. We are huge Pixar fans, so this was perfect. Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 025Got to love the Expedit (discontinued, but not really — now called Kallax) for storage awesomeness! We needed more storage in the room for books and toys, so this unit was a last minute addition to the room. I am all about adding non-IKEA furniture legs to IKEA stuff. The legs can be found here and we used these hardware plates to attach them to the unit. It made the piece the perfect height and added style as well. I found bins in the perfect colors (after quite a search) hereColorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 027The little tin dog was one of the first things I bought for the baby after I found out I was pregnant. I found it at a local thrift store. The hilarious blocks are by Fred and Friends and they are so much fun. U is for underpants…hehe.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 033Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 035Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 028The leather moccasins are Geoff’s from when he was a baby. I think Bear may actually be big enough to fit them now! The postcard on the giant clothespin was brought back from Paris last year and the two wooden bears are from a toy store in Paris from our trip this year. Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 031aI love the brightness and fun pattern of the rug in the nursery. I designed this rug using the modular carpet tile system, FLOR. We had them cut the tiles diagonally and then I was able to arrange then into this pinwheel design. I think it goes really well with the geometric shapes in the room.Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 019Most importantly, this cute baby loves his space and mama loves being in it too. I honestly did not even use his room for the first few months. I changed diapers on a portable mat in random places in the house and he slept with us in bed. I’ll admit that in the beginning, it made me feel a teensy bit bad that I’d put so much effort into putting together the nursery. But now we spend a lot of time in there. It is primarily where I nurse when I am at home and where we sometimes play and where Bear naps and sleeps. We like to listen to our collection of thrifted vinyl on the record player (mostly mambo, salsa, and swing music). I love that we stayed away from anything too “baby” and that the room will grow with him.  Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 038Colorful Ecclectic Mary Blair Nursery 040

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  • Hi! First of all, I love this nursery in general. Super adorable. I have a super random question for you!! We are using a kallax as our changing table and I loooove the keekaroo changing pad. I know it measures a little wide at the widest, but I can’t tell if it’s just too big. As someone who has both pieces in their nursery, what do you think?

    • Thanks so much for the comment! Get the Keekaroo changing pad. Anyone who has come over to our house before their baby is born buys it. It is the best investment and easiest clean up ever! We have the Kallax and a dresser in a 10×10 room and there is plenty of space.

  • I stumbled upon your page as I am an expecting FTM and looking for ideas for my boy’s nursery… I love what you did 🙂 Truly inspirational!