Alligator hook for hanging

There is an instruction video on the site that shows how they are used.There IS a way to remove mollies. I’d hate to have it come crashing down on me.Putting a lead-lined, leaded-glass faced curio shelf above my couch to display a collection of meteorites, fossils, and depleted uranium slugs. For maximum holding power with hanging objects, position them so the long arm of the toggle points up. (Fortunately, no one was hurt.) Will it still hold since its in the ceiling and not the wall? I couldn’t believe how good they worked. Thanks for doing the testing.The TV weighs 50 lbs and the Mount is 20 lbs.I’d urge people not to trust those “no damage” hangars that merely stick to the wall with adhesive. It’s too much of a hassle to try to break it down to take it back, so instead of using it as a floor unit, I was thinking of trying to suspend/hang it.

It had a wood ‘hanging bar’ that was wood attached near the ceiling. ), or will there be too much weight when items are placed on the shelf?I want to hang surround speakers that weigh almost 12lbs each on drywall. Come in a pack of one.There is a new product called Wall-nut that is not listed. *Various uses like photos displaying, curtain hanging, and for laundry. Any recommendations?

From there maybe a thin plywood cleat to suspend it on the wall. As a new homeowner eager to DIY – with NO experience, it is websites like yours that have saved me buying a TON of useless hardware.I am trying to hang a 5 foot wide clock that is just a metal frame, so can see most of back side on a concave curved wall. The previous owner used a lot of Molly anchors, which I later needed to remove. French Cleat Picture Hanger with Wall Dog Mounting Screws has inter-locking brackets for safety and security and it provides level hanging. I had a 2′ x 1′ picture hanging over a couch with one of those hangars, and it stayed in place fine for years–and then suddenly the hangar fell right off the wall without warning. (Shelf and collection weighs 2,100lbs. Please visit for more videos and where to buy HangZ.

They’re great for hanging posters or other extremely light and unbreakable items, but nothing more.New self-drilling threaded toggles offer improvements over traditional ones since the hole fits tightly around the anchor and the center screw can be removed while the toggle body remains in place. My thoughts were to use a toggle bolt ~ but I’m just grasping at straws so any advice would be appreciated.Tests were conducted using downward pressure on a hollow section of standard ½” drywall. Color: Black. (Any further turning opens the molly anchor more. That’s just one example I have.

shelf I would like to hang on pecan wood paneling that has been painted.

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Alligator hook for hanging