cognex market share

But despite that, I think it will be a good year for us.

We expect a residual charge of between $1 million to $2 million in the second half, primarily in Q3. So I think we've got a lot of horsepower now in deep learning, but we're always out there looking for interesting assets to acquire in deep learning or in other growth areas of the business. And as you know, since that time in our business and most others have deteriorated substantially due to the worldwide government ordered shutdowns attributed to COVID-19, because of that, we had to make difficult measures to align our company to the slowdown, and that resulted in large writedowns in Q2, which severely affected our reported financial results. So I think what there's a bunch of things going on. No, I wouldn't say so.Just on the to kind of ask it in a different way to the earlier question here on consumer electronics, how should we think about the diversity within consumer Electronics in 2020 compared to 2017? The question I've got, though, is what does this chill your interest in further acquisitions in that area, knowing that there's a sort of integration work involved? It's an interesting question. And was China again, China year-over-year was down 11%, but that other Asia number, other Asia was plus 23%. And this is something that probably needed to happen. And I think it's worth saying that we have seen some nice activity and interest in the use of Cognex machine vision for COVID related applications. I'd like to point out that our earnings release and quarterly report on Form 10-Q are available on our Investor Relations website at So we're not saying the same level we're not seeing the same level of investment there we would like to have. Is can that piece of the business become much bigger over time, whether it's aside from the market growing, but more in terms of your content to that market?Yes.

So I think I don't necessarily see unit volume driving a lot of incremental investment in automation. I think in that, I think other more things that might move the needle for us later in the year might be more around whether there's earlier investment in electric vehicles or if there's more electronics kind of business coming in earlier or perhaps more than those in general might be logistics we see more and stronger demand the back end of the year, which can happen in our business. So I think we see deep learning as kind of a revolution going on in machine vision, and it's allowing us to approach machine vision problems in a new and better way. So we've seen certainly, medical, pharmaceutical applications are others that are we've seen some interesting demand for our products in that area.

We reported an operating loss in Q2 because of the charges for the restructuring actions, intangible asset impairment and inventory writedown. The combined total of RD&E and SG&A, which excludes the charges that we discussed tonight, is expected to be relatively flat, both year-on-year and sequentially. That's great to hear. Regarding supply, managing our global supply chain continues to be a challenge currently, but we're navigating well under the circumstances. Last year, it was Q2. But in terms of getting to the level that we had hoped coming into the year or the return to the kind of solid 10% growth that we've become used to over the past few years, we don't expect that to happen probably until the middle of next year.Yes.

We paid approximately $10 million in dividends to shareholders during Q2. But we do we're putting up some good growth in that market. But just curious, would you expect to see a 10% customer in CE this year?Yes.

I don't really feel ready to answer that. They demonstrate the advantage that our culture brings as we effectively work together during these challenging times. Excluding these onetime charges, the combined total of RD&E and SG&A declined by 14% on a sequential basis as expected. I mean, is that kind of timing on backlog?

I think material in it's true definition, probably the answer to that question is no.

We're still going to do that. Good news to report is that revenue increased by 1% over the prior quarter.

And just I'm sorry, my last question here, just promise. So I would say probably kind of similar, but evolving in what it is more to higher value applications, we used to perhaps be doing more basic barcode reading and things like that.

However, Sualab's technology requires hands on application engineering and in person collaboration with customers, and that's difficult to do in the current environment.

It's sort of growth, and we're working there.

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cognex market share