gator hunting hooks

Gator Pro's "Body Snatcher" 20/0 Grappling Hook. These are usually the two best places to harvest the alligator. $7.99 $ 7. Alligator Hunting Equipment. Gator Grabber - Alligator Snagging Hook. But our civilian birthday boy got cold feet. gator hunting equipment, gator hunt equipment, alligator hunt equipment : Snatch Hooks & Snares: A Brief but Griping Encounter From the Gator's Jaws by Captain Phil Reality Star.” The birthday boy was ready to call it a night, but the rest of us weren’t, and Tim promised us a monster trophy. The birthday boy succumbed to the heckling of his buddies, and by midnight, he had his trophy. Sign in Join. We strive to ensure our customers are completely satisfied and look forward to you returning each September. The good news was that we were with a self-proclaimed future realty TV star who was so convinced of his own superpowers that he reached into the water with his exposed, tasty hand to retrieve it.My first gator hunt took place outside of Tampa, Florida. Usually I'll throw which ever I have in there.

It took all seven of us to load it into the back of Tim’s truck. The baited end is suspended in such a manner to allow for easy line removal by an alligator. Weighs 9.9 without weight. Pouring lead and getting your orders ready! Welcome To. $39.95.

Get it as soon as Mon, Aug 3. We welcome you to look through our site to see the packages we have to offer. He handed the bang stick to me.It made a hard roll, jerking the starboard side so hard that ol’ Tim dropped the bang in the water. In the event an alligator is hooked after the alligator hunger's quota has been reached, the hunter must release the alligator in the most humane method possible.${--- loadopencartprice AGG-M14 ---} EachClick inside picture for higher resolution picture.As you can see, this line we set yesterday, is down. Made of 3 of the 14/0 gator hooks, with 6 oz of lead. ABOUT. I sell all my gator … I don't sell equipment I don't use like some! Login; Cart / $ 0.00. One of the first things you want to do, when you're pulling the line up, is to make sure you're not getting entangled in the line. Excess line is rolled up near the base of the structure. Welcome!

No. We Make Alligator Hunting Affordable, So You’re Focused On The Hunt, Not On Your Bank Account. Gator Hunting With ‘Ol Tim - Hunting - Hook and Barrel. No products in the cart.

That’s the bad news. your username. Alligators should be dispatched immediately upon checking lines. Seems to the best. your email . Weighted steel barrel construction. Bang Sticks; Starter Kits; Snag Hooks; Harpoons Kits; Bow/Crossbow Equipment; Floats/Rope/Line; Beef Lung/Baits/Pegs; Darts; Lights; Snares; T-Gaffs; FAQ; Contact Us; How To Videos; Why Us? I use 40lb power pro braided.

But this wasn’t my birthday.

No. Forgot your password? ... 12/0 Gator Pro Professional Alligator Hunting Snatch Hook (Weighted) w/Leader & Swivel. Sign up. These are the same products we use to get our gators. We're now going to make the shot here and harvest the alligator.#39960ST-DT is Duratin plated straight shank.Line must be a minimum of 300 lb test. Louisiana Gator Hunts is known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. Alligators shall not be cut loose from hooks and lines for the purpose of selecting larger alligators. Alligators, feeding primarily at night, will take the bait.#39977DT is a long shank offset.#39960S-SS is stainless steel straight shank.The most common used baits are chicken quarters and beef melt (rotting beef lung and spleen).

We Make Alligator Hunting Affordable, So You’re Focused On The Hunt, Not On Your Bank Account. Tip: At boatside, be very careful working a gator with hooks as they can easily hook YOU if you're not paying attention!

Its HUGE use with rope!! Approximately 30 feet of line is tied off to the bottom of the structure, while the baited hook end is suspended about one to two feet above the water surface.Baited hooks and line just suspended above the water by some type of structure. When it snags the gator seems to stay snagged. It wasn’t until we were on our way back to Tim’s truck when we spoke out, avowing some choice words for “Mr. It's pulling straight out. Made in USA. Stk. your username. No weight 3.2ozThese are mustad 12/0.They are tinned or bronze. Register for an account. Fireline or similar braided line. You just want to pull them up slow.The shot placement should be right behind the hard plate of the skull, or right behind the eyes. Specifically designed for Alligator hunting with outstanding performance. Weighs 2.5 oz I don't know what happened. Hunting & Fishing › Fishing › Terminal Tackle ... Gator Grabber Weighted Treble Hook with 50ft Rope. He hesitated and announced that someone else should do it. With the stick ready, Tim hands it to the birthday boy and steps back. Stk. Where is it?” With all of his fancy gear, his strange gator calls and his crossbows, ‘ol Tim forgot the one thing we needed to claim this gator: The bang stick.We had no way of dispatching this monster.

Use at least 80 lb. In other instances, they may not be so useful. (3)- 10/0 snag hooks (2)- 12/0 snag hook (1)- 14/0 snag hook. AGG-H14.

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gator hunting hooks