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That woman entered into the room, and revealed to be Kevin under the identity of Patricia, a real woman-like manipulative identity. Izzie Coffey is an actress, known for Split (2016), The Nun (2018) and Under the Silver Lake (2018). Then, Casey had come to a point of realization that Kevin is a man with personality disorder, and she had decided to meet with Kevin's child-like persona, Hedwig.Since that she was transferred to the hands of her own uncle, Casey started to suffer from molestation and harsh violence from him. Casey quickly started to kiss Hedwig in order to manipulate him into releasing them, yet, it was too late before Dennis emerged again.By the time she arrives, Hedwig is in control who is ecstastic at seeing her again. Marcia managed to prevent him from doing it by biting him in the hand, causing Dennis to leave Marcia in the room.As a child, Casey was afraid of her uncle, and the abuses he inflicted on her.

When invited to her friend's birthday, Casey remains incommunicative and withdrawn throughout, which both Marcia and Claire found unsettling and difficult.Three weeks after her horrific encounter with The Horde.

Izzie Coffey on IMDb Izzie Coffey on Twitter Izzie Coffey portrayed Casey Cooke in Split. Eventually, all the personalities except Kevin take turns greeting her, even being greeted by the Beast as well.

She is considered one of the Dreamlanders, Waters' ensemble of regular cast and crew members. Eventually, Kevin was brought back into the light. Yet, Barry took over him, and tried to stop her and so does Dennis. Outside the room, Dennis wanted Marcia to dance for him, and he sexually harassed her. Desperate to see him again, Casey, knowing that the Beast wouldn't hurt her, wrapped her hands around him and spoke Kevin's full name. Casey succeeded to flee from the Beast, yet, she saw Claire, but she failed to help her once that The Beast caught her and ate her to death.After that, Hedwig informs and warns Casey and the two other girls from their terrible fate. She proved herself, on several occasions, to be extremely observant and highly intelligent: at the start of their abduction, Casey acknowledged that Kevin was significantly stronger than either of them, and that a physical confrontation with him would end in failure very quickly. Kevin emerged, and said that he has a shotgun and few bullets in his locker around the house. Then, Casey started escaping but not before The Beast once again appeared.Casey Cook is a solitary, independent and extremely complicated young woman. As in 2020, Izzie Coffey‘s age is * years. Many days later, the trio with Casey's leadership had seen something that somewhat looks like a woman. However, her father died from a heart attack, and Casey was transfered to the hands of her uncle.Many years later, Casey went to a high school at Philadelphia, and lived with her friend Claire Benoit, whose father treated her very well. His death is later confirmed on a news report. „ ~ Casey Cooke to the group on the situation.. Casey Cooke or simply Casey is the deuteragonist in the Unbreakable Trilogy, appearing as the main protagonist in Split and then as the triagonist in Glass. Casey was show to have reported her uncle to the police and to have been living at a foster home. Then, Casey and her friends were sprayed by him with a special sleeping gas.The three girls awakened at a room of a secret house. Casey contacts Dr. Ellie Staple to ask permission to meet Kevin again to which Dr. Staple agrees.After many weeks, Dr. Fletcher saw an email written by Kevin, yet, it was only the girls. Both of the other girls made mistakes that landed them on the bad side of Kevin's several personalities, whereas Casey constantly worked on more cunning, meticulous ways of escaping. Izzie Coffey is an actress, known for (2016), (2018) and (2018).. Born on , , Izzie hails from , , . The Beast arrived, and started to crawl on the walls to Casey's horror. When faced with the different personalities in Kevin's head, Casey worked to adapt to each of them, especially the younger, more naive personality in Hedwig - she tried to adopt an almost sisterly relationship with him, proving her resourcefulness and adaptability.Hedwig returned, and kept warning the others from The Beast ,saying that this is a superhuman being. Returning to the house, Dr. Fletcher waked up ,yet, she was too weak to react against The Beast. Returning to the house, Dennis once again emerged and abused them once again. As in 2020, Izzie Coffey‘s age is * years. House of Cards: Chapter 43 (2016) [Lucas Goodwin]: Shot repeatedly by Nathan Darrow after trying to kill Kevin Spacey. One day, Casey meets up with Claire and another girl Marcia, and Claire's father, but acts quietly the whole time. You do one thing, you can predict the next thing.

Even though she was unable to properly kill the Beast during their climactic showdown, she hit him several times.Escaping, Casey went to Kevin's room, and she saw Fletcher and her letter.

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izzie coffey wiki