mary cain, alberto salazar

In track and field, Nike is all powerful.

In response to Mary Cain's accusations of physical and emotional abuse against her former coach, Alberto Salazar has provided a statement to The Oregonian's Ken Goe refuting Cain's claims. “Mary Cain!” “There are women here almost twice her age” “being left in her wake.“ I set many national records. The World Anti-Doping Agency also announced this week that it will be investigating every athlete that ever trained with Salazar.U.S. He is now banned from the sport for four years, and his elite Nike team has been dismantled. So I made the painful choice and I quit the team.

The team had been started by Salazar in 2011. "I got caught in a system designed by and for men which destroys the bodies of young girls. We weren’t doing any of that.

And if you’re not getting your period, you’re not going to be able to have the necessary levels of estrogen to maintain strong bone health.
Some people saw me cutting myself and ... sorry. He wanted to give me birth control pills and diuretics to lose weight— the latter of which isn’t allowed in track and field.

Rather than force to fend for themselves, we have to protect them."Former high school track phenom Mary Cain has broken her silence on her former coach Alberto Salazar and her treatment as a member of the Nike Oregon Project.Pete Julian, who was an assistant coach under Salazar, will continue to coach former Oregon Project athletes but no group or team has been announced. Part of me wonders if I had worked with more female psychologists, nutritionists and even coaches where I’d be today.

So in 2015, I ran this race, and I didn’t run super well. I still loved him. (In an email, Salazar denied many of Cain’s claims, and said he had supported her health and welfare.

Nobody really did anything or said anything. She stopped getting her period for three years, and broke five bones, which are signs of RED-S, or Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports syndrome. This is what happened to me. At five-foot-seven, that means she was underweight, according to the BMI scale.Cain also said there was no certified nutritionist on the team, and that Salazar would weigh her in front of her teammates, and publicly shame her if she wasn’t hitting her weight. You are desperate. It was a team of the fastest athletes in the world. If you try to make a girl fit a boy’s development timeline, her body is at risk of breaking down. First, Nike needs to change.

“An all-male Nike staff became convinced that in order for me to get better, I had to become thinner … and thinner and thinner,” Cain explained, alleging that Salazar set an “arbitrary” 114-pound target weight for her.

It could also be the last Olympics for Rapinoe, who turns 36 next July.Last night, Cain described her growing willingness to share her story in an NBC Nightly News interview.“I walked away, just like, why would you ever say that?” Rapinoe said.The federation had been accused of providing forged documents to give an athlete an alibi for being unavailable for doping testing. We rarely hear what happened to them. “Mary was seeking to rejoin the Oregon Project and Alberto’s team as recently as April of this year and had not raised these concerns as part of that process.
I felt so scared. Salazar, who is based in Portland, Oregon, started advising Cain in October 2012, when she was still in high school in Bronxville, New York. That’s why I decided to speak up now.Mary Cain is 23, and her story certainly isn’t over. And I was a straight-A student. In 2013, she was signed by the best track team in the world, Nike’s Oregon Project, run by its star coach Alberto Salazar.Shalane Flanagan, Olympic medalist, New York City Marathon champion and Nike coach.“When you’re training in a program like this, you’re constantly reminded how lucky you are to be there, how anyone would want to be there, and it’s this weird feeling of, ‘Well, then, I can’t leave it.

When young women are forced to push themselves beyond what they’re capable at their given age, they’re at risk for developing RED–S. And yet we had no certified sports psychologist. Rather than force young girls to fend for themselves, we have to protect them. In October, Nike’s chief executive resigned. From 2016 to 2019, she barely raced.Last month, Nike shuttered the Oregon Project just days before the Chicago Marathon. That’s what needs to change, and here’s how we can do it.

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mary cain, alberto salazar