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I really wish they had been around when I learned to splice, trying to figure it out from Chapman’s was a challenge.For the attachment of the bridle to the rode, I built a pendant using a length of Dyneema with eye splices at the ends and chafe guard in the middle. All Rights Reserved.When constructing the bridle, I wanted to make sure I got the lengths of the two arms of the V as close to the same as possible with minimal cutting and waste. Between the cost of the parts and the time I spent building the bridle, I’m sure it would have been cheaper to just buy one. If it is set correctly;Counting chain length is simply understanding the speed in which the chain drops. The one problem that can occur with double pennants is that they may wrap around each other near the mooring chain attachment point. With the bridle, the system was quiet.Kestrel Sails! I use them as a matter of course when anchoring.

As a result the boat does not have an anchor aboard. However, I was just going to be doing nothing useful so my time isn’t really a factor. The deployment process is simple and goes like this:Full disclosure here, the bridle I built borrows heavily from the Mantus bridle design.  If you don’t have an affinity for rope work or don’t have time to put into sourcing all the parts and building one, I recommend buying theirs.  If you want a fun project to do at home, read on.The bridle consists of two lengths of 3/4” nylon three-strand rope, spliced together in a V with a stainless steel thimble spliced to the bottom of the V.  Below is a picture of the splice of the V and another showing the thimble spliced in. I secured all of the chafe guard using whipping thread. A stainless steel shackle is used to connect the Dyneema to the bridle thimble.

I didn’t and now need to go back and re-secure one end at the V.I got to run my first test of the bridle a couple weeks ago when we took Kestrel out for a weekend at anchor. The track on the anchor watch showed us lying motionless directly down stream of the current where it now shows the boat slowly swinging back and forth. I like working with rope and this seemed like it would be a fun project. One thing to watch out for is that you need to leave slack in the chafe guard to allow the nylon rope to stretch under load. This is actually a very simple splice and YouTube is a great resource for how-to videos on that one too. In my first use of the bridle, getting the prusik knot off the rode was a snap, no binding at all. The boat has a 14 foot beam. Being winter when my mind was thinking about this, I decided to make one myself. The approach I took was to use a single length of rope and not cut it until after the thimble and the V had been spliced. I made sure it was long enough to cover both the thimble splice and the V splice. The picture below shows the pendant with chafe guard installed, tied to a rope rode with a three-pass prusik knot, and attached via shackle to the bridle. Being winter when my mind was thinking about this, I decided to make one myself. This was a fun project to build in the warmth of the house at the kitchen table last winter.  If you have the time and affinity to working with rope, give it a shot.The obvious solution is to use an anchor bridle, a device that connects to the rode and is tied to both bow cleats, taking the load off of the anchor roller and the windlass. I threaded the chafe guard on for the eyes at the ends of the arms before splicing those eyes. (Metres per second).Strong wind (20+knots) – 5-7 x depthWhen the anchor is hanging the chain is tight across the deck, when it has touched the bottom this becomes loose because there isn’t weight at the end. If you don’t know how to splice three-strand rope, I suggest having a look at the many tutorials on YouTube. Still, all you need is a rolling hitch to tie one line onto another, and I throw on a couple of extra half hitches just to make sure. Mine ended up being almost not long enough and it would be nice to have a little extra wiggle room.To retrieve the bridle, simply reverse the deployment steps.

Overall I’m happy with the results of the build and how it behaved in use. The chafe guard material is bunched up so you can see the splice, but it does extend to the end of the splice once extended as shown in the third picture.My good friend Google showed me lots of different bridles and rode attachments, and I read through many board postings from sailors offering up their solutions.   I was in a quandary though because I needed it to attach to both the rope and chain parts of the rode.  There are chain hook rigs that can be used and various knots that can be tied to both chain and rope to attach the bridle.  I thought I had it figured out half a dozen times before I found a reference to the Mantus website.  The bridle system they had on the site seemed to be exactly what I wanted.  That’s when the whole price thing became a factor and I decided to build my own.

The load bearing capacity of a snubbing bridle should normally be compatible with the anchor rode - if the bridle is under sized, it will absorb the shock loads well but may ultimately be sacrificial - if it is oversized, the shocks and surges may not put enough strain on the rope to make it stretch sufficiently and absorb the snatch. Sailing at anchor: bridle vs no bridle After an hour I went forward and attached the bridle and within 5 minutes I had begun sailing around from side to side in the breeze.

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timbaland apologize remix