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People said he looked like a martian. He questioned her about her knowing what had happened in her home.Kara and Danny went with Tommy to his place where Tommy told his wife Kara about the events that had happened in her house and his theory on Michael's nature. Fans even said that the texture of the mask was too thick and lumpy, saying: 'It looked like it was made out of clay or plasticine.' Laurie followed after her and found her in Judith's bedroom, combing her hair just like Judith did the night she was murdered. He first appeared as a child in the original 1978 John Carpenter film Halloween where he was played by Brian Andrews. It received negative reactions for being pointless and looking awful.The KNB mask can still be seen in the movie, as they originally had that mask but changed it to the Stan Winston mask, the you see most of the time.

Amid the chaos Tommy and Kara escaped with their children. Laurie followed him and made a stop at the graveyard and dug up the corpses of her friends, Annie, Lynda and Bob. Tommy and his wife Kara and their son Danny and adopted son Steven and drove off meanwhile.Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.In Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers Tommy became friends with Brady and Wade and was seen hanging out with them on Halloween, 1988 at the Vincent Drug Store, where Brady worked. Tommy decides to adopt the baby as his adopted son for Kara and for Danny to have a brother and care for Jamie`s baby due to the death of Jamie.He took the his adopted baby boy to the hospital to get help and found Loomis there. Tommy ran over and unmasked Laurie and was shocked to discover it was his old babysitter. Once he arrived in hopes of finding information, he discovered a trail of blood that led to a restroom where he found Jamie`s baby in a cabinet. The crew had to reshoot his scenes, but many of the long shots still contain the KNB mask.The original KNB mask gets some criticism, as it looked silly and the eye holes were too wide and a weird hairline, exposing most of his forehead. He also had a cameo appearance in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, played by Danny Ray.

This info can be found in the Halloween: The Inside Story. It seemed to be a blue-white color. Email 'em to us: kindertrauma [at] gmail dot com TRAUMAFESSION ARCHIVES However, even though this mask look closer to the original mask, it was criticized for being too tight (Michael's eyes are often clearly visible), looking awkward, showing Michael's eyes, and having messy hair.However, some people said that the mask was too large, and made Michael look like a Bobblehead Doll, or that the hair was "too messy". This had no effect on Laurie, who slammed Lindsey against the glass and was about to stab her but was stopped, first from Lindsey stabbing her in the eye with glass and then by a bullet from Tommy's gun. At this time Kara and Danny banged on the front door as Michael was chasing them. Exhausted, Laurie sent Tommy and Lindsey to the Mackenzie house to call the police. Upon opening the door for her, Tommy saw that she was bleeding and realized that the boogeyman was after her. It would continue to be used as the band's mascot and its skull image continues to serve as the Misfits' logo. Transfer history. He figured it would be easier to find his son Danny, since he would be the first one to go with him. Laurie joined the children upstairs after another assault from Michael.

Tommy heard his wife Kara`s letting him know the room she was locked in.

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tommy doyle halloween killsKlarna pink logo