veritas wheel marking gauge review

It doesn't follow the grain like the standard point variety, it'll mark evenly without needing to tilt the cutter at just the right angle, and you can see exactly where the cutter is. Its popularity led to the development of a second model that incorporates a micro-adjust feature.

Once you have established and cut your knifewall either side of the length of the hinge, using the gauge cuts a pristine wall along length of the grain for depth and width of the flap.

Prior to this gauge it was standard to use the conventional marking gauge lightly to delineate the cutline for subsequent cuts with the chisel. Democraticwoodworking.-- Hey, woodworking ain't brain surgery. But!!! I use my Veritas exclusively now.-- Jack Keefe Shediac NB CanadaI also have the one without the micro adjuster. LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user.The micro adjuster looks like it would lock more secure than the one without it. I find this harder to do with knife-based cutting gauges. This week we introduced new Veritas marking gauges into the new New Legacy, NY school and these are top notch marking tools and no mistake. This gauge type is difficult to use in some harder woods where the grain seems to trap the disc and prevent it or you from moving the disc along the surface of the wood. 99 My favorite part about it is that you can make a mark in the wood (for a dado/rebate, for example) using a sharp knife. One other thing to note, is that unless things have changed recently, the lock bar (see second picture above,) is an optional extra, so make sure you get it when you buy one of these.On a practical level, although it is described as a marking/mortise gauge, and that’s what we and others will use it for, the business end of the tool is a highly effective cutting edge and so technically it is more cutting or slitting gauge than a marking/mortise gauge. Titemark vs. Veritas Marking Gauge | Tool Duel #4 - YouTube Forming this recesses ready for cutting out the waste in the conventional manner with the single pin method meant that you had to have two gauges plus, if you wanted a mortise layout capability you would really need three or reset the gauge and lose the setting for subsequent hinges if you had more gauges. I attribute this to two factors. There are three Tite-Mark models, ... Tite-Mark, you can own the Veritas Wheel Marking Gauge in the standard model. It was the clear winner in my mind.first rate tool i would recommend it to anyoneIt’s often hard to adopt a new tool, even well made ones, because they often don’t measure up to their ancient counterparts. This pushed me over the edge and I placed the order. Instead of buying two or even three gauges, this gauge does it all. The single wheel on my Tite-Mark gauge is centered in the face of the marking gauge while the LV dual marker require me to get a grip that allowed the majority of the gauge to contact the workpiece directly.

I’m too much of a tool-a-holic to pass on that.

When My Veritas gauge came in I knew I made the right choice.I have this gauge and the TiteMark and use ithem more often than any other. I think that pinned gauges generally work better for general mortise and tenon layout lines as long as you are simply trailing the pins and not trying to score deep lines which is not what the intention should be at all.Although I have used this gauge for some time now, and like it very much as one of my daily-use tools, in the class this week the gauge proved highly successful with seventeen testers for a key task we have in the box project recessing the brass hinges. Running two at the same time makes things worse as you have twice the resistance. The single wheel gauge I have also has a micro-adjuster barrel that can be used with one hand to dial in the exact dimension desired.

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veritas wheel marking gauge review