we're back a dinosaur's story elsa

Cecilia! Elsa becomes her friendly self again when Cecilia hugs her.

Could you get me off of this thing? PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: They're not going anywhere. Think, think, think, think, think. VORB: What a personality. What do you say?

They did this for us. Then Screweyes shows dinosaurs Brain Drain and said it will revert them back to there prehistoric selves, but the dinos refused. Buster says to Rex, "Hey, ain't you a dinosaur? LOUIE: Where are they, Stubbs?

Roll back the rock to the dawn of time / When the Earth was smoking and the lava flowed / Roll back the rock to the dawn of time / And blow your cool just like a volcano / Snap your fingers and stomp your feetSnap your fingers and stomp your feet / Soaking up a little of the jungle beatSoaking up a little of the jungle beat / Roll back the rock to the dawn of time / And sing this song with mesing this song with me / Roll back the rock LOUIE: Rex! Lunch time! Rex's personality and apperance change he also has the ablitly to talk and act as civilized and smart as a human being. Just get me to the circus and we'll say no more about it.

But then Louie tells reverted Rex that he shouldn't do it and tells him don't be a bully. CECILIA: Well, yes. LOUIE: You don't get it, do you?

The circus is an ocean with some spice. CECILIA: What's happened to them, Mr. Stubbs? You're civilized now and I've got a contract, and you're gonna respect that like the chumps that you are. Elsa mentions to Rex that the way he looks at her in admiration makes her want to lay an egg, causing Rex to chuckle. Image size . But Louie wondered what happened to the dinosaurs.

VORB: Captain Neweyes, it's time to go.

Come back tomorrow.

I was so embarrassed. Think, Louie, think.

LOUIE: So, Cecilia, what do you think of my friends? We will shock you witless with our dreadful, terrifying, vile, monstrous program. LOUIE: Well, we ran away from home, see.

LOUIE: Quick, split up.

LOUIE: These things happen.

Come on. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: (holding out a jar of glowing pills) With a little help, yes.

The kids were terrified of the dinos' prehistoric selves. There's a circus showing in Central Park.

CAPTAIN NEWEYES: Then we must go. ELSA: We all have regrets, Rex. LOUIE:[he fell] Hey, hey, hey, don't panic.

LOUIE: You know, New York isn't ready for you guys. I've never heard a louder wish.

After seeing how many children want to see real dinosaurs, Elsa and the others are amazed and agree to go with Neweyes' request.

what do you say you throw this hat away and come fly with me? THEY'RE NOT ORIGINAL CHARACTERS IF THEY'RE JUST RECOLORED. I'm Captain Neweyes I live in the far future where all the species on all the planets have had to learn to get along, eh, Vorb? However, during the parade, Rex starts singing "Roll Back the Rock to the Dawn of Time" after hearing numerous children wish to see a real dinosaur.

You guys ain't lived. They are under contract to me for a very long time. You can forget it. Where are they?

WOOG: Tell me about it. Hmm? (Scene cuts to Dinosaur times.) Nice hat. Neweyes' brother Pro. But they signed the contract so they stayed there forever!

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we're back a dinosaur's story elsa