what happened to daily kos

Without coming out and saying it, he has indicated that he will run if the Democrats nominate Bernie. Whatever speaking gigs he has done, for minimal stipends, there exists audio and/or video and/or transcripts available. There are many who encourage the Democratic party to close ranks. EVERY daily kos front page, article, story, diary or whatever you want to call them has two Clinton ads. They may not vote for Trump, but they don't have to assist you in your crusade, either. But what may be harder to repair is this site’s reputation.And lately, around here, I feel like I’m being played.Hillary’s “I’ll look into it” evasion regarding the release of transcripts to her Goldman Sachs speeches has morphed into “I’ll do it if everyone does it.” But there are a couple problems with that.But if you think you can do these things and still rely on Independents as a voting bloc you've got another thing coming. What a nightmare asshole he’d be to work for. What happened when the encounter escalated played out on video viewed by millions of social media users. The prospect of his presidency is so unacceptable that even suggesting there won't be an identical united front against him, regardless of the Democratic candidate, is to stoke the deep fires of anger in Hillary's supporters.Clinton’s plan would seed the bank with $25 Billion, and then leverage that money into an additional $225 Billion in loans.Because they'd rather live to fight another day.I’m a liberal. In order to start sending them to you again, Action Network needs to have two things in writing from you. But you tell them the guy who looked around said everything looked fine and there’s no obvious proof that the house was broken into.That hypothesis may seem like a far-fetched statement.

Community. Krugman: "what just happened in Wisconsin scares me more than either disease or depression" pollwatcher Community (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos … Depending on the Republican nominee, he may or may not run if the Democrat is Bernie, but he left the door open. You made it this way when you chose the path of party purity.It's a complex argument there, choosing between a candidate who represents the party to a 'T', or a compromise candidate who incorporates a lot of what Independent / No Party Preference voters want to see.

Let that sink in.

The rate of deaths wouldn’t peak for almost two weeks after case counts began to fall. The stay-at-home order was issued on March 20 and toughed up over the following days.

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what happened to daily kos