Art Everyday: week forty

Some stuff in here I’m really digging. Namely, “Noodle Eating Monster” inspired by my pregnancy and it’s obsession with carbs. Doodling this week was fun. I also drew “Neon Banana” inspired the awesome products by Electric Confetti. I want that neon banana so bad.


“Noodle Eating Monster”

Noodle Eating Monster by Lisa Bardot

“October Doodles”

October Doodles by Lisa Bardot


House by Lisa Bardot

“Tree Face”

Tree Face by Lisa Bardot

“I Want the Neon Banana”

I want the neon banana by Lisa Bardot

“Prickly Cactus”

Prickly Cactus by Lisa Bardot

“Dry Brush Bear”

Dry Brush Bear by Lisa Bardot

Art Everyday: week thirty-eight

This week I start doing a bunch of drawings of dogs. I made up a story for my son about a dog, and he really likes it, so I am trying to illustrate it! I also did some other drawings while on the plane (kid free!) to and from Seattle. 

“Dog Study 1″

Dog Study 2

“Dog Study 2″

Dog study 3

“Sitting Dog Study 1″

Dog Sitting Study

“Sitting Dog Study 2″

Dog Sitting Study 2“FacesFaces“Sunny Day”Sunny Day

“Lakeside Sunrise”

Lakeside Sunset

“Line of Smiles”

Line of smiles

Art Everyday: weeks 28-37 (food)

This is part two of a series of catch-up from the summer. Read part one to learn about my pregnancy, and the “dark ages” of my Art Everyday project.

Food was a large and sometimes overwhelming part of my life this summer. Food was SUCH a challenge. I felt like if I was not eating every 15 minutes I was in agony. But, of course, absolutely nothing sounded appetizing to me. This just led to me feeling like crap all the time, unable to make decisions, and left my poor husband to try and figure out what the heck to feed me. Most of what I ate was comfort food, or stuff that was pretty bland, I would flat out refuse to eat anything with too many flavors (whatever that means). Lots of pasta and carb-y goodness. I also have an aversion to sweets which is super unusual because I normally have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. 

The first four pieces are a series I did of “foods I actually like”. For all of them I used a new lettering style I was playing around with and for the food itself, I tried to use simple shapes with two-dimesional details added in.

“Mac and Cheese” | Digital Painting

Mac and Cheese

“Spaghetti” | Digital Painting


“Enchiladas” | Digital Painting


“Caprese Salad” | Digital Painting

Caprese Salad

The ones below are not a part of the series, but also not foods I was opposed to eating.

“Pretzels” | Digital Painting


“Lemons” | Digital Painting

Untitled Artwork 2 copy

“Oh Another Banana” | Digital Painting

Oh another banana

“Peachy Pattern” | Digital Painting

Peachy Patterm

“Popcorny” | Digital Painting

Popcorn Pattern

“Multiplied Fruits and Veggies” | Digital Painting

Multiplied fruits and veggie

“Leaves and Bananas” | Digital Painting

Bananas and leaves

Art Everyday: weeks 28-37 (pregnancy)

So. I’ve been absent form my blog for quite some time. And now that the following information is public (i.e. Facebook public) knowledge, I get to FINALLY talk about it here. As if the blog post title didn’t give it away…I’m pregnant! Baby number two is on the way and this pregnancy has been…hard. Much harder than my first. Especially the first few months. For the entire first trimester and part of the second, I went through periods of awful depression — on top the extreme exhaustion and nausea that comes along with being pregnant. Even though this pregnancy was absolutely planned and something we very much wanted, but I couldn’t help feeling the way I did. Nothing could make me happy. I had no drive, no motivation. I felt worthless. There was so much bad news in the world happening. I withdrew my self from friends and family. Dark thoughts would cycle through my head. Everything was just a heavy weight on me that seemed impossible to pull my self out from under.

It was a really rough time, to say the least. Hence why I’ve been off the blog. It feels like this pregnancy has been all-consuming and affects every part of my life so it’s hard to talk about anything without bringing it up. That’s why I haven’t been posting. All the feeling-awfulness did not motivate to make art either. Something that once brought me so much joy, I didn’t feel like doing it at all. Slowly, I did start making art again, drawing from my life and using it as a way to express the way I was feeling and eventually got back into the swing of things.  I’m finally ready to share the art that I made over the summer during what I call the “dark ages”. Instead of sharing the pieces chronologically like I normally do, I’ve divided them into themes and will share them over a few separate posts. The first is the reason for this all, the pregnancy theme. 

Before we dig in, I am feeling much better and am getting really excited to meet our newest family member. 

“Tired at Home” | Digital Painting
Tired at Home

“Tired at Work” | Digital Painting

Tired at Work

“I am so tired 2″ | Digital Painting

I am so tired

“Cry” | Digital Painting


“My Body Hates Me” | Digital Painting

My body hates me

“Butt” | Digital Painting


“Bump” | Digital Painting

Little bump

Art Everyday: week twenty-six

A couple digital drawings, but more pen and ink this week! Most of these were done in the car, hence the messiness. But I really kinda like it. I drew the lightning stork and giraffe while doing my first ever Facebook Live! It was really fun and I predict more in the future. 

“Red Vines” | June 24, 2016 | Digital Painting

Red Vines

“Fruits with Names ” | June 25, 2016 | Ink on Paper

Fruits by Lisa Bardot

“Cloudy Sequoia” | June 25, 2016 | Ink on Paper

Cloudy Sequoia by Lisa Bardot

“Where to Go?” | June 28, 2016 | Ink on Paper

Where to Go by Lisa Bardot

“Retreat Mode” | June 28, 2016 | Ink on Paper

Retreat Mode by Lisa Bardot

“Nose Picker” | June 28, 2016 | Ink on Paper

Nose Picker by Lisa Bardot

“Lightning Storm” | June 28, 2016 | Ink on Paper

Lightning Storm by Lisa Bardot

“Giraffe by Request” | June 28, 2016 | Ink on Paper

Giraffe by Request by Lisa Bardot

“Mary Girl” | June 30, 2016 | Digital Painting

Mary girl