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30 for 30: a collaboration

I’m excited to (finally) share my first report on my 30 for 30 goals. If you head over to my wedding photography blog, The Goodness, you can read a little about the event I just participated in, FRESHbash. I was so excited to be a part of it because, a) it sounded really rad, and b) one of my goals this year was to do a collaboration. Normally, I very much keep to myself when I work on anything creative. I have this weird thing about letting people see my work before I want them too. I feel like if someone sees my work in an unfinished (imperfect, inferior) state, they will think I am no good. So I put my head down and only surface when I have a perfect (to me), finished piece. Only then will I share. I am also very introverted and find it hard to connect with other people, especially on creative projects. Of course I also know that collaboration is absolutely crucial to innovation and creativity. So many creative things (music, art, technology, etc) come out of densely populated cities because of the close proximity of individuals of diverse backgrounds. So I knew doing a collaboration this year would be very important for me to push myself out of my comfort zone.

My team consisted of an event designer (Roots Reclaimed), a florist (Seascape Flowers), a baker (Enchanté Macarons Français), and a stationer — me (The Goodness). We had a color scheme and a list of current wedding trends to work with when designing our booth, which could be a wedding tablescape, lounge area, or ceremony setup, etc. The group communication began through email, then a secret Pinterest board where we could all post inspiration and ideas. We met in person just once during the time leading up to the event. This meeting was at the studio of our event designer, Roots Reclaimed. We all got to meet, we talk about our ideas, and we lay out some furniture to get an idea of the space we were working with. 

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 004

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 003

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 006

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 001

I was nervous to go to this meeting, as I always am afraid to speak up in conversations, or share ideas for fear of looking dumb. But I think I did pretty good at the meeting. I was vocal about my ideas and I felt like I contributed.

At the meeting we created a Facebook group where we could communicate about progress and ideas. I used this to share my work in progress and design ideas (aka face my fear). For the work I contributed,  was really pushing myself to try techniques I have never used before. The invitation set I designed involved all of the following: a scanner, a laser cutter, and a laminator. I used materials I’ve never used in invitations: fake flowers, gold foil, wood, glitter paper, and glitter spray paint. Here is my initial sketch of the laser cut wood part of the invitation.

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 007

This is an early draft of the invitation. It was my first time trying the gold foil technique I was in love.

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 008

Hand lettering for the invitation.

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 009

The first mockup of my design that I showed to the group.

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 011

Pre-stained laser-cut wood.

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 015

And the final suite. More pictures of the suite can be seen here.

Glitter laser cut gold foil wedding invitations the goodness 001

The escort cards and dessert signs I made from acrylic sign holders from Staples and spray paint.

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 020a

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 021

The Goodness Fresh Bash Team Collective 036a

The Goodness Fresh Bash Team Collective 006

I cut, built, glued, stained, and painted a business card holding-sign from scratch.

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 017

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 018

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 016

Fresh Bash Setup 001 2

Fresh Bash Setup Collaboration 022

The Goodness Fresh Bash Team Collective 003

In the weeks leading up to the event I know we were all working super hard to get things ready. We ALL experienced some sort of “catastrophe”. Did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep for over a week and push yourself to the point of exhaustion you can vomit on your bathroom floor in the middle of the night? Yeeeeeaaaah. Note to self: sleep is important. Setup the day of the event, had it’s own misadventures, and I know we all had our doubts about how or even IF it would all come together. For example, the amazing geometric backdrop Roots Reclaimed built would not fit throughout the door and we had to cut it in HALF!

Fresh Bash Setup 006

Fresh Bash Setup 008

In the end we chose to look at the bright side: at least it is super portable now!Fresh Bash Setup 012

Fresh Bash Setup 014

Fresh Bash Setup 016

Fresh Bash Setup 017

Fresh Bash Setup 020

Fresh Bash Setup 021

But as our 3:00 pm setup deadline approached things were really coming together. Our setup was looking damn good. When it was all done and everything was in place it seriously looked amazing! Our team really pulled it off. We all felt super proud.

The Goodness Fresh Bash Team Collective 001 2

The Goodness Fresh Bash Team Collective 049

Again, you should definitely check out my post on The Goodness Blog. There are a ton more photos of our booth and the event. It was really fun and rejuvenating to work on a collaboration and I hope there are more of them in my future. The next step would be to be more active with it and be the one organizing the group. Although, when I am planning things I sometimes tend to take on too much myself and not delegate, so NOT being the leader for this collaboration felt really good too. Go Team Collective!