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Baby #2 is a…

Spoiler alert: It’s a Girl! A few days before Halloween, we finally got to find out what the sex of our baby was. Ever since we told Bear about the baby, he has been convinced that it was a sister. Like, he would not even entertain the possibility that it could be a brother. And he never wavered on his conviction. Geoff and I were both hopeful, we both really wanted to have a daughter. Her name has been picked out for literally years. So of course I had built up the whole gender reveal in my head A LOT. And it did not go exactly to plan. I’ll give you the condensed version of the story, but I came up with idea to do donuts for the reveal, mainly for Bear because, as you can see above, kid is obsessed with donuts. Not gonna lie, I am too. So I set it all up with the donut place, dropped off the envelope to them in the evening for pickup the next day. In the morning, I called to see if it was ready and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hi, I have a special order for Lisa Bardot. Is it ready to pick up?”
Them: “What was it?”
Me: “They were the gender reveal donuts.”
Them: Pause….”Oh, the girl ones?”
Me: “Uhhhhhhh….”

So yeah, that’s how I found out. From the donut person, over the phone. Not quite the moment I had anticipated to say the least. And honestly, I’m really playing down my disappoint here. I was crazy emotional. There was a lot of other stuff going on at the time that contributed to this, but I don’t really want to get into that. Geoff came in the room and immediately noticed something was wrong in my face. I told him “It’s a girl”. Then started crying, and not the tears of joy I would have if the situation happened differently. I told him I still wanted to go get the donuts and do the reveal for Bear. So we did. Then we rushed off to our midwife appointment where Bear was being a crazy person and pooped his pants (yeah, and I forgot a change of clothes, awesome). After we got home we put him down for nap and I decided to edit together the video of the reveal. That truly was my saving grace. Re-living his excitement made everything “okay”. At least sort of. As we got to share the video with family and friends, my anger and frustrations slowly faded to happiness and excitement. I really am grateful. Whenever I imagined having kids when I was younger, I always said I wanted at least one of each, a boy first, then a girl, and I am getting exactly what I have always wanted. I seriously cannot wait to meet her. It’s crazy how much more excited I am to have the actual baby than I was the first time around. I guess knowing all the great things about having a kid will do that to you.


Art Everyday: weeks 28-37 (food)

This is part two of a series of catch-up from the summer. Read part one to learn about my pregnancy, and the “dark ages” of my Art Everyday project.

Food was a large and sometimes overwhelming part of my life this summer. Food was SUCH a challenge. I felt like if I was not eating every 15 minutes I was in agony. But, of course, absolutely nothing sounded appetizing to me. This just led to me feeling like crap all the time, unable to make decisions, and left my poor husband to try and figure out what the heck to feed me. Most of what I ate was comfort food, or stuff that was pretty bland, I would flat out refuse to eat anything with too many flavors (whatever that means). Lots of pasta and carb-y goodness. I also have an aversion to sweets which is super unusual because I normally have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. 

The first four pieces are a series I did of “foods I actually like”. For all of them I used a new lettering style I was playing around with and for the food itself, I tried to use simple shapes with two-dimesional details added in.

“Mac and Cheese” | Digital Painting

Mac and Cheese

“Spaghetti” | Digital Painting


“Enchiladas” | Digital Painting


“Caprese Salad” | Digital Painting

Caprese Salad

The ones below are not a part of the series, but also not foods I was opposed to eating.

“Pretzels” | Digital Painting


“Lemons” | Digital Painting

Untitled Artwork 2 copy

“Oh Another Banana” | Digital Painting

Oh another banana

“Peachy Pattern” | Digital Painting

Peachy Patterm

“Popcorny” | Digital Painting

Popcorn Pattern

“Multiplied Fruits and Veggies” | Digital Painting

Multiplied fruits and veggie

“Leaves and Bananas” | Digital Painting

Bananas and leaves

Art Everyday: weeks 28-37 (pregnancy)

So. I’ve been absent form my blog for quite some time. And now that the following information is public (i.e. Facebook public) knowledge, I get to FINALLY talk about it here. As if the blog post title didn’t give it away…I’m pregnant! Baby number two is on the way and this pregnancy has been…hard. Much harder than my first. Especially the first few months. For the entire first trimester and part of the second, I went through periods of awful depression — on top the extreme exhaustion and nausea that comes along with being pregnant. Even though this pregnancy was absolutely planned and something we very much wanted, but I couldn’t help feeling the way I did. Nothing could make me happy. I had no drive, no motivation. I felt worthless. There was so much bad news in the world happening. I withdrew my self from friends and family. Dark thoughts would cycle through my head. Everything was just a heavy weight on me that seemed impossible to pull my self out from under.

It was a really rough time, to say the least. Hence why I’ve been off the blog. It feels like this pregnancy has been all-consuming and affects every part of my life so it’s hard to talk about anything without bringing it up. That’s why I haven’t been posting. All the feeling-awfulness did not motivate to make art either. Something that once brought me so much joy, I didn’t feel like doing it at all. Slowly, I did start making art again, drawing from my life and using it as a way to express the way I was feeling and eventually got back into the swing of things.  I’m finally ready to share the art that I made over the summer during what I call the “dark ages”. Instead of sharing the pieces chronologically like I normally do, I’ve divided them into themes and will share them over a few separate posts. The first is the reason for this all, the pregnancy theme. 

Before we dig in, I am feeling much better and am getting really excited to meet our newest family member. 

“Tired at Home” | Digital Painting
Tired at Home

“Tired at Work” | Digital Painting

Tired at Work

“I am so tired 2″ | Digital Painting

I am so tired

“Cry” | Digital Painting


“My Body Hates Me” | Digital Painting

My body hates me

“Butt” | Digital Painting


“Bump” | Digital Painting

Little bump


Last night, about an hour and half before sunset, I said “Let’s go swimming!” We are currently in Maui for a “work-cation” as I like to call it. Bear is here with Geoff and I along with Geoff’s mom. So we all scrambled to get into our swimming clothes, slathered a bit of sunscreen on the baby, loaded in the car and headed down the street to the beach.

Maui Swimming Ohana 001

As we walked across the grassy park and down to the sandy beach, we came upon the most gorgeous sunset going down over the ocean. Geoff walked Bear down to the water as I grabbed my camera. As Bear’s toes touched the ocean waves for the first time since he was about nine months old, he giggled with joy. The small waves broke across his tiny feet and he squealed with glee. His happiness nearly brought a tear to my eye. Geoff set off for a swim in the ocean and I played with Bear on the shore. We ran up into the sand and barreled into the oncoming waves. Back and forth, back and forth with the biggest smiles on our faces. I don’t think I have ever seen Bear that happy. In that moment, we all felt the happiest we have been in a while. Simply enjoying life, the beauty around us, the warm waves, our time together as a family.

Maui Swimming Ohana 006Maui Swimming Ohana 005Maui Swimming Ohana 009Maui Swimming Ohana 012Maui Swimming Ohana 011

I left Bear to play with his grandma and joined my husband in the deeper waters. The last time we swam together in the ocean, we were on Oahu and I was pregnant with Bear. Before that, we were in the warm waters off the shore of Thailand. Those moments of being isolated together with the undulations of the waves all around us are very precious to me. They always make me feel closer to him and remind my of all the good times we have had together.

Maui Swimming Ohana 013Maui Swimming Ohana 015Maui Swimming Ohana 017

It was getting dark, so we all decided to head back in, a tired but blissfully happy little family. As we did I thought aloud to Geoff, “These are the memories that we’ll keep forever.” And it’s true. Traveling with a toddler can be tiring and crazy at times, but it is to experience these moments together that I would go through the hassle ten times over. The joy on my son’s face, gazing out at the vibrant colors of the sun setting, swimming in the Pacific Ocean with my husband, watching Bear play happily with his grandma, all these memories are what make life sweet.

Maui Swimming Ohana 002

Dîner en Blanc

There are some experiences in your life that you will never forget. For me tonight was one of them. We heard about Dîner en Blanc last year from our friends, Stacy and Jason, two Texas expats who have been living in Paris for two and a half years now. They told us of a special night in June that happens once a year in Paris, where you dress all in white, gather tables, chairs, dishes, glasses, candles, and food, wine and, of course, friends and go to a location shrouded in mystery. You only find out where exactly you are going about 15 minutes before the event begins. When it is finally announced, you and 10,000 other Parisians descend upon one of Paris’ beautiful landmarks and set up long lines of tables for the most colossal dinner party you’ve ever seen. You eat and share food, drink wine and champagne, and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. At one hour before midnight, all the dinner guests light up thousands of sparklers and celebrate the joy of life. You dance for an hour or two longer and then as quickly as it was set up, everything is packed away and taken home, without a trace to be seen, as if it had never happened. I was enamored with this concept and only let it remain in my imagination what it might be like to attend such an event. We don’t usually get to travel abroad during the summer, plus the event is invite only, so I figured I would never get the opportunity to see it for myself.

The first morning we were in Paris, as we were getting ready for the day, Geoff announced to me that he’d just been informed that Dîner en Blanc just so happened to be tomorrow and Stacy and Jason were inviting us to attend with them. We didn’t quite know what to say at first, but we quickly formulated a plan to procure some white outfits for the three of us and set out on a day-and-a-half long journey to prepare for the event. A lot of shopping and a little cooking later, we got all donned up in our white clothes and we were meeting our friends near the Palais Royale, and then on to the Arc de triomphe du Carrousel, the arch across from the center of the Louvre, which looks directly out to the more famous Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile off in the distance. It was there, just around 9:00 pm, that everyone started setting up.

Diner en Blanc 2015 001Diner en Blanc 2015 002Diner en Blanc 2015 005Diner en Blanc 2015 003Diner en Blanc 2015 004Diner en Blanc 2015 006Diner en Blanc 2015 008Diner en Blanc 2015 007Diner en Blanc 2015 010Our group of 7 (if you count Bear) pulled out all the yummy food we’d brought and shared a toast of champagne before digging in. After we’d eaten for a bit, Bear was getting a bit restless in his stroller, so I let him run around the perimeter of all the tables, while I followed, taking photos along the way of course. And in case you were wondering, yes, he did get dirty immediately. I can tell you that ours was literally the only child in attendance, but that was okay. Most people were unfazed, but others smiled and said hi. We got a few funny comments, people were calling him “bébé en blanc.” I will say he looked pretty darn cute. He was seriously having a blast. If there is one thing that I have learned about Bear’s one-and-a-half years young personality, that is that he is a people person. He always seems really content after he has spent time around a group of people. I can tell you he gets that from his dad. Maybe Bear will turn out to be an extrovert just like Geoff. Geoff truly has a gift when it comes to conversation. I, on the other hand, am severely lacking, so I’d be happy for Bear to get that trait. Bear spent the next hour or two running to, fro and all around our table while Geoff and I tag-teamed watching after him. We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed, we snuggled our little man.
Diner en Blanc 2015-012Diner en Blanc 2015 015Diner en Blanc 2015-016Diner en Blanc 2015-017Diner en Blanc 2015 025Diner en Blanc 2015 022Diner en Blanc 2015 026Diner en Blanc 2015 029Diner en Blanc 2015 031Diner en Blanc 2015 034Diner en Blanc 2015-037Diner en Blanc 2015 039Diner en Blanc 2015 040At 11 o’clock we waited for the Eiffel tower to start sparkling (as it does on the hour) and in turn lit our own sparklers. This was when the night turned magical. The glow of thousands of sparklers combined with the energetic joy of everyone around me was enchanting. We waved our sparklers in the air, took photos, and danced a little.Diner en Blanc 2015 044Diner en Blanc 2015 043Diner en Blanc 2015 048Once most of the sparklers were done, we started to see people sending paper lanterns up into the air. One went up, then another, and another. Soon there we dozens floating off, up and over the far-off Eiffel Tower. We all stared in wonderment.Diner en Blanc 2015 051It was getting pretty late, and (it seemed like) Bear was starting to lose steam. So I laid him into the stroller with his bottle and walked the gravel pathway between the Dîner and the Tuileries garden entrance back and forth, back and forth. It was in this time that the whole night, the whole trip thus far, really, started to sink in for me. I know I mentioned extroverts before, but my extremely introverted self sometimes needs a little alone time so walking Bear around was just the thing. It was then that I simply and truly looked at everything around me. I felt the cool night air, I gazed at the beautiful architecture of the old buildings, I watched all the other happy Parisians and visitors, walking around, having picnics (yes, even at nearly midnight, people are still out having picnics when the weather is nice), playing Pétanque, talking, laughing, and enjoying life. I looked at all the beauty around me and was left in disbelief that this exquisite place is actually real, and I am actually here, and this is actually happening. It all seems too good to be true. I walked my baby back and forth with a huge smile on my face and a happiness in my heart.Diner en Blanc 2015 052Normally the bumpiness of the stroller is just the trick to get our tired baby to lull to sleep, but not today. He was far to excited to fall asleep and so he never did until we put him in his crib back at the apartment. He just wanted to be a part of the party I guess. Just around midnight, we decided to pack it in and head back. We packed up, cleaned up, and made sure that not a scrap was left behind. I listened to our friend Jason play a song on his banjolele (that would be a banjo ukulele and I want one so bad!) and sing along with his wife. We hugged all as friends and parted our separate ways for the night. Geoff, Bear and I rode the Metro “home”. It was truly an unforgettable night and one I’ll always be grateful for having experienced with my little family and friends.

A little shopping


1. wooden llamma | 2. yellow puffy vest | 3. camera sweater | 4. magnetic rocket puzzle | 5. red striped tee | 6. blue striped sweater | 7. yellow slicker | 8. toms shoes | 9. jeans | 10. drum | 11. good as gold sweater

So today was the day that I realized that I can shop in the toddler’s section for my baby boy. While I am sad that my little baby is growing up ::sniff::, I am very excited about all the new clothing options that are available to me now. My favorite places to shop for baby/kids clothes are Gap (great quality, cute styles, we buy Bear pants from the girls section at Gap because they fit soooo much better and come in all the fun colors), Zara (a European company that sells really cute and trendy clothes that are reasonably prices and shipping is super cheap and fast), Old Navy (colorful and cheap!), and H&M (although I am finding less and less stuff that I like). Shopping online for kids clothes is the bees knees. I rarely buy clothes for myself online (too many variables), but with kids you don’t really have to worry about that stuff. And it is so easy to kill way too much time looking at adorable bebe clothes. Today I found a bunch of stuff that I want to get and while I can’t buy them all, I can share them with you! :) I also threw in a few toys I am coveting from my Amazon wish list for good measure. That yellow raincoat is a lot like my favorite blue raincoat that Bear wears now. I love it SO much and I get slightly depressed thinking about the reality that one day Bear will no longer fit into it. If this one goes on sale, I will definitely snag it for next winter. I also love the “good as gold” sweater because that is always how Bear’s grandma Mary describes him after a day of baby sitting. All right…enough shopping…back to work…

Dreams of an Aloe Garden

Last week we had the rare opportunity to spend a leisurely day in San Francisco with my sister’s family. Geoff had an engagement session to shoot there that day, so we invited them along. We actually didn’t do too much at all, which was perfect.

Day in SF 001

Day in SF 002

Day in SF 003

We lounged around in Golden Gate Park and while the kids ran around in the grass. It was the first time Bear had actually been able to run free in the great outdoors. He had a blast with his cousins. We ate delicious shawarma on a picnic blanket and I learned a new song on my ukulele.

Day in SF 007

Day in SF 011

Day in SF 006

Day in SF 009

While Geoff was on his shoot, the rest of of toured around the botanical gardens. My sister suggested it would be great to check out the plants because I was on the market for some new greenery for my front yard. I love the colors in the fountain there.

Day in SF 013

I could not get enough of the Aloe plants! I think I want to pant an aloe garden. What do you think, could allow be the new hot succulent? 😛


I wouldn’t mind some cactus either.

Day in SF 020


For dinner, we all went to zee German restaurant, Suppenküche.

Day in SF 025

Day in SF 024

I can’t get over how good these pretzels with bavarian cheese were.

Day in SF 026

And because it was literally a block away and super yummy, we went to Smitten for dessert, one of our favorite spots for amazing liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream.

Day in SF 028

Playing in the Rain

This weekend our area saw a ton of rain. I think it was the first time it has rained THAT hard since Bear was born. So in celebration I took him out to really experience rain for the first time. I haven’t purposefully stood out in the rain in…I don’t even know how long. I remember that I used to love it though. I loved playing soccer in the resin as a kid, and slipping and falling down and getting all muddy. I loved standing out in the rain during those very special moments when the sun is setting and the light peeks out from under the clouds and turns all the water dropping from the sky golden yellow. I remember standing on a corner in my neighborhood for almost a half hours, just soaking it in, literally and figuratively. As I walked out in the the back yard with Bear in my arms, and the rain started to hit my head, I remember feeling actually surprised that I was getting wet, and a jerk reaction to get underneath something quick. Then I thought to myself, ummm…isn’t it kind of the whole point to get wet? Funny how we forget these things as we grow up. So I kicked off my shoes and took off Bear socks and let him just run around for some barefoot fun. Our hair and clothes got soaked. We splashed in the little puddles. Bear was really confused looking at first but then he loved it. This kid sure does love being outside and the rain made it just that much more fun.

Afterwards I changed Bear into his snuggliest pajamas. I don’t know what is better, playing in the rain, or getting all warmed up after being wet. It’s a close call. 

Playing in the Rain 001 3

Playing in the Rain 002 2

Playing in the Rain 004

Playing in the Rain 001

It was bound to happen sooner or later


Bear broke something I love and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. He is getting so curious and growing fast and things he either couldn’t reach before, or wasn’t interested in are now irresistible. This vase lived on the cabinets under the tv which have slowly become more and more empty over the past several months. It has been interesting to watch the inside of our house transform to a space that is safe for Bear to explore. He normally only plays in the family room, which is gated off and baby proofed (except for the vase, apparently). That room is his domain and he is free to do just about anything he wants. But ever since he learned to walk, he wants more. Think Belle…he wants adventure in the great wide somewhere. So we’ve been letting him wander more parts of the house, all the while baby proofing more things and teaching him how to interact properly with the objects that are within his grasp — no hands in the dogs’ water bowl!

Bear is growing from a baby to a curious little boy. As a mama it is fun to watch but difficult to accept that fact all at the same time. One day my baby will be a man. ::tear:: Still, that day is a long ways off, there is a whole word to explore, and that vase is a part of a set.

Plus, Bear was even willing to help clean up.


Singing Goodnight Moon


Are you ready for a blog post about a really random topic? You know how Facebook has really become nothing more than a feed of articles, videos, and links to elsewhere on the internet? You know how easy it is to click on something and spiral down through a binge of random article reading? This is a tale of such a time.

I was scrolling through Facebook one night and came upon this hilarious article about the children’s book Goodnight Moon. Goodnight Moon was the first bedtime story I read to Bear when we started doing a bedtime routine. I read it to him every night for months. It definitely has a soft spot in my heart. Below that first article were suggestions of other articles including this one about “What writers can learn from Goodnight Moon”. I found this particular article fascinating because it discusses the interesting structure of the book. Sometimes melodic, sometimes unexpected, but ultimately perfect for it’s purpose.

You see, with Bear, as time went on the way that I read it to him started changing.

Goodnight Moon has a loose rhyming structure to it, and as I read it to him every night, I started to develop it into a little song. I actually love to make up songs. Just silly stuff, but I can turn just about anything into a simple singsongy melody. It’s fun. I have made up songs for bear about eating meals, about taking naps, and a getting ready for bed song.

So back to the article. As I read it, I noticed a lot of the feelings I had about the book and the little song I made up, were mentioned in the article (in a much more sophisticated way, of course). It got me wondering if anyone else had put music to the words of that very famous book, so off to YouTube I went. I did find some some people that had. As I loaded the first video and hovered over the play button, I briefly wondered if my version of the book/song would be somehow “ruined” by listening to another person’s melody. Somehow I worked past my fear and pressed play. It was actually really interesting listening to another person’s arrangement. I smiled when certain parts sounded exactly like mine, almost note for note. I chuckled at one person who also made the same confused voice when singing “goodnight nobody”. These parallels weirdly made me feel connected to the other parents out there in the world. If I was able to easily find these people, I’m sure there are plenty moms and dads who took the same musical format when reading Goodnight Moon before tucking their little ones into bed.

If you can bear (no pun intended) to listen to me “sing” Goodnight Moon, here you go. I mainly want this here in case I forget the notes one day, or simply for Bear to find when he is older. Some of the words are more reading than singing, but hey, this is my version. (and yes, putting my voice on the internet is super scary)

Your browser does not support the audio element.

And here are a couple of the musical Goodnight Moons I found on YouTube.

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