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Soaking up Information

I spent the better half of today putting away Christmas decorations, vacuuming up pine needles, vacuuming up pine needles, and vacuuming up pine needles, while watching TED animations and episodes of Good Eats on Netflix. I’ve watched the TED animations (they are actually called TEDed) on YouTube before, but I was happy to find them on Netflix presented in a way more suitable for the American pastime of binge watching. My friend’s 4-year old was visiting and even he was getting into it. They were all fascinating, and some were mind-blowing. Watching them makes me want to be a scientist. And of course I have loved Good Eats for a long, long time. I would marry Alton Brown if I wasn’t already married (sorry, Geoff). Good Eats is probably the only cooking show that actually gets me excited about cooking. I love learning the science behind food. It makes me feel like I would actually have control of the outcome of food because — SCIENCE! That being said, I’m still afraid of cooking. I’m creative about a lot of things, but food is not one of them. The exception is baking — baking is science and chemistry and calculated and I can handle that. Plus I love sweets.

I admire people that can find interesting ways to share information. I can go as far back as devouring episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy as a kid (man how I wish they would put them on Netflix). I still sing certain 90’s hits with the Bill Nye lyrics. “Let’s talk about stress baby!” Lately (along with a lot of other people, thanks to Serial) I have really been getting into podcasts. They are free and there is a ton of interesting and entertaining information available through podcasts. I find that I am the most focused on work when I’m listening to podcasts. I can get in the “zone”. It is a lot harder to click over to Facebook because then I stop paying attention to the podcast and miss stuff. It keeps me on track. Some of my favorites right now are TED Radio Hour, StartupReply All, Planet Money and Radio Lab. I love to soak up information and interesting ideas. A big part of me wishes that I could go back to college and take classes about all kinds of topics. I love learning about the way things work, I even have been getting into learning about history, one of my least favorite subjects in school. My travels to France have gotten me interested in the history of France. I have been watching the Crash Course World History series on YouTube. I highly recommend it, it’s really fun. If I’m all up to date on my shows on Hulu, I watch it while I am folding laundry in my living room.

There is so much amazing content out there that is very easily available to us. So maybe next time when there is a choice between some trashy TV show or something else, try watching something that might expand your was of thinking, open your mind, or introduce you to something new.