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Last night, about an hour and half before sunset, I said “Let’s go swimming!” We are currently in Maui for a “work-cation” as I like to call it. Bear is here with Geoff and I along with Geoff’s mom. So we all scrambled to get into our swimming clothes, slathered a bit of sunscreen on the baby, loaded in the car and headed down the street to the beach.

Maui Swimming Ohana 001

As we walked across the grassy park and down to the sandy beach, we came upon the most gorgeous sunset going down over the ocean. Geoff walked Bear down to the water as I grabbed my camera. As Bear’s toes touched the ocean waves for the first time since he was about nine months old, he giggled with joy. The small waves broke across his tiny feet and he squealed with glee. His happiness nearly brought a tear to my eye. Geoff set off for a swim in the ocean and I played with Bear on the shore. We ran up into the sand and barreled into the oncoming waves. Back and forth, back and forth with the biggest smiles on our faces. I don’t think I have ever seen Bear that happy. In that moment, we all felt the happiest we have been in a while. Simply enjoying life, the beauty around us, the warm waves, our time together as a family.

Maui Swimming Ohana 006Maui Swimming Ohana 005Maui Swimming Ohana 009Maui Swimming Ohana 012Maui Swimming Ohana 011

I left Bear to play with his grandma and joined my husband in the deeper waters. The last time we swam together in the ocean, we were on Oahu and I was pregnant with Bear. Before that, we were in the warm waters off the shore of Thailand. Those moments of being isolated together with the undulations of the waves all around us are very precious to me. They always make me feel closer to him and remind my of all the good times we have had together.

Maui Swimming Ohana 013Maui Swimming Ohana 015Maui Swimming Ohana 017

It was getting dark, so we all decided to head back in, a tired but blissfully happy little family. As we did I thought aloud to Geoff, “These are the memories that we’ll keep forever.” And it’s true. Traveling with a toddler can be tiring and crazy at times, but it is to experience these moments together that I would go through the hassle ten times over. The joy on my son’s face, gazing out at the vibrant colors of the sun setting, swimming in the Pacific Ocean with my husband, watching Bear play happily with his grandma, all these memories are what make life sweet.

Maui Swimming Ohana 002

Dîner en Blanc

There are some experiences in your life that you will never forget. For me tonight was one of them. We heard about Dîner en Blanc last year from our friends, Stacy and Jason, two Texas expats who have been living in Paris for two and a half years now. They told us of a special night in June that happens once a year in Paris, where you dress all in white, gather tables, chairs, dishes, glasses, candles, and food, wine and, of course, friends and go to a location shrouded in mystery. You only find out where exactly you are going about 15 minutes before the event begins. When it is finally announced, you and 10,000 other Parisians descend upon one of Paris’ beautiful landmarks and set up long lines of tables for the most colossal dinner party you’ve ever seen. You eat and share food, drink wine and champagne, and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. At one hour before midnight, all the dinner guests light up thousands of sparklers and celebrate the joy of life. You dance for an hour or two longer and then as quickly as it was set up, everything is packed away and taken home, without a trace to be seen, as if it had never happened. I was enamored with this concept and only let it remain in my imagination what it might be like to attend such an event. We don’t usually get to travel abroad during the summer, plus the event is invite only, so I figured I would never get the opportunity to see it for myself.

The first morning we were in Paris, as we were getting ready for the day, Geoff announced to me that he’d just been informed that Dîner en Blanc just so happened to be tomorrow and Stacy and Jason were inviting us to attend with them. We didn’t quite know what to say at first, but we quickly formulated a plan to procure some white outfits for the three of us and set out on a day-and-a-half long journey to prepare for the event. A lot of shopping and a little cooking later, we got all donned up in our white clothes and we were meeting our friends near the Palais Royale, and then on to the Arc de triomphe du Carrousel, the arch across from the center of the Louvre, which looks directly out to the more famous Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile off in the distance. It was there, just around 9:00 pm, that everyone started setting up.

Diner en Blanc 2015 001Diner en Blanc 2015 002Diner en Blanc 2015 005Diner en Blanc 2015 003Diner en Blanc 2015 004Diner en Blanc 2015 006Diner en Blanc 2015 008Diner en Blanc 2015 007Diner en Blanc 2015 010Our group of 7 (if you count Bear) pulled out all the yummy food we’d brought and shared a toast of champagne before digging in. After we’d eaten for a bit, Bear was getting a bit restless in his stroller, so I let him run around the perimeter of all the tables, while I followed, taking photos along the way of course. And in case you were wondering, yes, he did get dirty immediately. I can tell you that ours was literally the only child in attendance, but that was okay. Most people were unfazed, but others smiled and said hi. We got a few funny comments, people were calling him “bébé en blanc.” I will say he looked pretty darn cute. He was seriously having a blast. If there is one thing that I have learned about Bear’s one-and-a-half years young personality, that is that he is a people person. He always seems really content after he has spent time around a group of people. I can tell you he gets that from his dad. Maybe Bear will turn out to be an extrovert just like Geoff. Geoff truly has a gift when it comes to conversation. I, on the other hand, am severely lacking, so I’d be happy for Bear to get that trait. Bear spent the next hour or two running to, fro and all around our table while Geoff and I tag-teamed watching after him. We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed, we snuggled our little man.
Diner en Blanc 2015-012Diner en Blanc 2015 015Diner en Blanc 2015-016Diner en Blanc 2015-017Diner en Blanc 2015 025Diner en Blanc 2015 022Diner en Blanc 2015 026Diner en Blanc 2015 029Diner en Blanc 2015 031Diner en Blanc 2015 034Diner en Blanc 2015-037Diner en Blanc 2015 039Diner en Blanc 2015 040At 11 o’clock we waited for the Eiffel tower to start sparkling (as it does on the hour) and in turn lit our own sparklers. This was when the night turned magical. The glow of thousands of sparklers combined with the energetic joy of everyone around me was enchanting. We waved our sparklers in the air, took photos, and danced a little.Diner en Blanc 2015 044Diner en Blanc 2015 043Diner en Blanc 2015 048Once most of the sparklers were done, we started to see people sending paper lanterns up into the air. One went up, then another, and another. Soon there we dozens floating off, up and over the far-off Eiffel Tower. We all stared in wonderment.Diner en Blanc 2015 051It was getting pretty late, and (it seemed like) Bear was starting to lose steam. So I laid him into the stroller with his bottle and walked the gravel pathway between the Dîner and the Tuileries garden entrance back and forth, back and forth. It was in this time that the whole night, the whole trip thus far, really, started to sink in for me. I know I mentioned extroverts before, but my extremely introverted self sometimes needs a little alone time so walking Bear around was just the thing. It was then that I simply and truly looked at everything around me. I felt the cool night air, I gazed at the beautiful architecture of the old buildings, I watched all the other happy Parisians and visitors, walking around, having picnics (yes, even at nearly midnight, people are still out having picnics when the weather is nice), playing Pétanque, talking, laughing, and enjoying life. I looked at all the beauty around me and was left in disbelief that this exquisite place is actually real, and I am actually here, and this is actually happening. It all seems too good to be true. I walked my baby back and forth with a huge smile on my face and a happiness in my heart.Diner en Blanc 2015 052Normally the bumpiness of the stroller is just the trick to get our tired baby to lull to sleep, but not today. He was far to excited to fall asleep and so he never did until we put him in his crib back at the apartment. He just wanted to be a part of the party I guess. Just around midnight, we decided to pack it in and head back. We packed up, cleaned up, and made sure that not a scrap was left behind. I listened to our friend Jason play a song on his banjolele (that would be a banjo ukulele and I want one so bad!) and sing along with his wife. We hugged all as friends and parted our separate ways for the night. Geoff, Bear and I rode the Metro “home”. It was truly an unforgettable night and one I’ll always be grateful for having experienced with my little family and friends.

A book by its cover

Geoff, Bear, and I are heading back to Paris. We will be photographing a newlywed session for a couple that is getting married in Scotland the week before and we are so excited! It’s the height of the summer wedding season, but we decided to take a couple weeks to spend some time in our favorite city visiting good friends, eating baguettes, and working…on our Paris ABC and color books!

It has been quite the journey creating these books. I can’t believe it has been over a year since we photographed them. What a year it has been too, especially for me creatively. It has been a year where I was looking at myself with new eyes and questioned everything that I am as an artist. It has also (and maybe because of the aforementioned questioning) a year where I have tried many new things and my personal artistic style and capacity has grown more in the past year than any other. In fact, I don’t know if I ever really though of myself as an “artist” until now. These books have encompassed that journey. Some days I feel sad that they have taken much longer than I anticipated to get to the point where they are today, but I know that they wouldn’t be the books they are without the time that has passed.

When Geoff and I started photographing the books in Paris, the design was coming together very quickly. I was designing pages as fast as we were photographing them. By the time our five weeks in France were up and we were heading home, they were a good 85% done! I was so excited about the way the design was coming along and continued working on them in the following weeks after we got home (all while taking care of a four month old and shooting weddings, in other words, very slowly). Once all the pages were designed, my next step was to design the book covers. That is where I got seriously stuck. I had some ideas, shifted things around in Indesign, but mostly stared at my computer screen for hours. I wanted something that was fun and current, that appealed to both kids and adults, and could easily translate to a series of books based on other cities around the world. Nothing I was coming up with was right. To me the covers were (and are still) a big deal. I know the old cliche is to never judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, when it comes to actual books, we all do. So weeks passed, and then months. I’d occasionally open up the cover designs but ultimately just get frustrated again and put it off. I know that being in the midst of my first year of motherhood was not helping my creativity any too. But that is a whole ‘nother post for another day.

2014 ended and 2015 began. And suddenly I had a deadline to finish the books. Photo Field Trip was coming up and we wanted to print copies to take with us to get feedback from other photographers and artists. I am finding more and more that I work best when faced with a deadline. I guess it is the procrastinator in me. And finally, I was able come up with a cover design for the books that I really liked. With that we ordered a copy of each book. We got some really great feedback from others as we showed it around. I made some adjustments but again, I found that I was getting stuck. I still needed to write an intro page about our story and what the books were all about. I also had to design a back cover too. I didn’t know where to begin. As time went by, I grew unsatisfied with the covers. They just weren’t right. Not eye catching enough. I didn’t know how well they would adapt to books about other cities, while still remaining cohesive. So it was back to the drawing board.

As I mentioned, I’ve been trying a lot of new things. I was experimenting a bunch with hand lettering and something that I have always wanted to do, illustration. I started working on illustrating one of my favorite photos from the book. A picture of the Eiffel Tower and my hand holding up an ice cream cone. There is actually a pretty great story behind that photo, but I’ll tell that another day. I took those first two illusteaions and paired them with some bright solid color and my bold hand lettering, and suddenly I saw something I loved. One of my favorite things about being creative is that moment when you are so excited about something you are creating that you don’t want to do anything hing else but that. You don’t care about eating or even sleeping. That’s how I was feeling about this new direction. So I spent every spare minute making colorful illustration of the different things in the books. I can see how they might easily be applied to different cities by crating new illustrations and colors. I also finally finished writing the intro and I designed the back covers. I ordered new prototype copies and they just arrived yesterday. I love they way they turned out. Here is just a little sneak peek!

Paris Books 003

The next stop for these books is Paris! While we are there will will be photographing them and taking video for either a book trailer/promotion or a Kickstarter campaign, depending on which route we take. I’m researching publishers now, but getting into that world seems so overwhelming! I’d love any tips if any of my readers have advice to share!

LA Cookie Taste-Off!

LA Cookie Test-2a

Here is something you might not know about me: I am a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. I have spent a silly amount of time and effort trying to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I have studied the science of baking and the effects of changing the ratios of ingredients in the recipe. I have made dozens and dozens of dozens of chocolate chip cookies, each an experiment in creating the perfect one. I think I am pretty darn close, you guys. I really love the results of my tweaked, refined, and fined-tuned recipe. I like my cookie to have a rich cookie flavor, a little fudgey and chewy in the center with crisp caramelized edges. It’s got to have a smooth but cracked and cragley texture. I like a little smack of baking soda and not overpoweringly chocolate. I want to taste that cookie. And most importantly, the perfect amount of saltiness. My secret ingredient is a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt on top just as they come out of the oven. Heavenly.

So when Studio DIY posted up their March Madness-style cookie battle to find the best chocolate chip cookie in Los Angeles JUST as Geoff so happened to have a photo shoot in LA, I know this had to be on the itinerary. They taste-tasted 16 different cookie shops but we decided it would be wise to stick to critiquing their top 5.

We tasted cookies from Big Sugar Bakeshop, Sprinkles, Coffee Commissary, Short Cake, and Milk Jar Cookies.

LA Cookie Test 8

Without further ado, here are our results, in the order that we tasted them:

Cookie Shops

GEOFF // Good chocolate, but it is overpowering. Not a big fan of the crips edges, crunch is fun but lacks fun taste.
LISA // Chocolate is a bit rich and dark for my tastes, not enough cookie for me. Chocolate is overpowering. It is missing the caramel flavor for me. Nice texture and thickness.

Cookie Shops2

GEOFF // “Mmm that one is REALLY good.” Really great crisp bite on the edge, but an over-doughy texture left me needing more. There were large pockets of air next to the doughy texture. Did not like the baking soda taste for the finish.
LISA // I like the sweeter chocolate of this cookie. Good texture and bite, nice fudginess. I agree with Geoff on the pockets of air. Those were a little weird. However it had a good taste.

Cookie Shops3

***I will note that this cookie looked nothing like the one pictured in Studio DIY’s post. Not sure what was up with that because this cookie was their pick for #1 and I think we both were disappointed.***

GEOFF // Overall, very rounded taste, but too much on the brown sugar side, not enough sweetness in the dough. I saw what I thought would be a wonderful crisp texture on the edge but it was smooth all the way through.
LISA // Weird taste on this one, like it had absorbed the flavors of some other food. No crunch on the edges, and it is too oily. Not fudgey enough.

Cookie Shops4

GEOFF // Do not like the baking soda finish. The sea salt would be extremely enjoyable, but my cookie portion had way too much. The chocolate center wowed me each bite, but as I got to the edges the crackle was too much. l liked the way the chocolate was layered in the cookie, it was very different.
LISA // Big win for having salt on top. Chocolate chip cookies should always have salt on top, IMHO. Really nice flavor. I like little chunks of chocolate dispersed throughout and the crunch on top is fun. Very untraditional though. I wouldn’t take it for a chocolate chip cookie so much as a different take on a chocolate chip cookie.

Cookie Shops5

GEOFF // Flour, flour, flour, oh sh*t, all I taste is flour. Really enjoyed the crisp on the edges, but that led to a densely floured cookie. The sugar and butter combo was not enough for me to really enjoy the cookie. I just get overwhelmingly filled with flour and not amazing warm ooey gooey flavor.
LISA // Tastes is perfect. It tastes just like what I would want cookie dough to taste like. YUM. Nice crispy edges. Really love the fudge center. Chips are just right. If there was a little salt on top it would be perfect.

The Verdict

GEOFF // Sprinkles was my favorite. But I wasn’t the biggest fan of any of them to be honest. I struggled with all the cookies because my favorite thing about good chocolate chip cookies is a consistent bite all the way through and a crisp but not overly crunch outside. None of these really hit that home for me. I also felt silly because Lisa has forced me to be aware of the nuances of chocolate chip cookies. I laughed every time I could tell what the over powering ingredient was in each cookie.
LISA // Milk Jar was my favorite. Wins on taste and texture and also for looks. It has the appearance of a perfect little cookie (although they are quite big.) These would be perfect with a tad more butter and a little sea salt on top.

This was a fun little adventure for us, chasing all over LA getting the cookies and then taking them back to our Airbnb to taste and feast.  I will say, that my favorite chocolate chip cookie (other than my own, haha) is from Ginger Elizabeth, right in good old Sacramento. She has managed to get those caramelized edges down to a T and the texture and flavor is spot on. Plus it’s Ginger, so you know the chocolate is amazing. :) I will have to post my own recipe one day to see what y’all think!

Off to go Field Trippin’

As I type, Geoff, our good friend Sarah, and I are driving down I-5 on our way to Field Trip. To say that I am would be a gross understatement. A little history — last year, not long after Bear was born, Geoff found out about an all-new, three-day retreat-type event for photographers and other creative types down in Goleta, CA called Field Trip. Geoff had been craving some type of education/workshop/collaboration opportunity, so we decided that it was a good idea for him to go. I was a little nervous about being solo taking care of a newborn overnight, but I was really happy for Geoff to go. He loved it. He learned so much, had tons of fun, and formed a ton of wonderful relationships. So as we learned about the Field Trip for this year, I of course wanted to go too.
It has been a bit of a whirlwind getting ready for this trip. I had a few projects (are you surprised?) to prepare. I finished up designing our Paris books and got prototypes printed. I created a ukulele song book for a with over 35 songs, each of which I hade to play though, make sure the notes were correct, and format for songbook format. I also illustrated a really cute cover. :) We glitter-taped a ton of business cards, got our portfolio together for review, shopped and packed. Whew.
I am so excited about meeting new people (which is also super scary at the same time), taking classes and learning, singing with others and playing my ukulele, performing a mini-song with my husband for the talent show, dancing, stargazing, petting llamas, and maybe even jumping in the ocean. Can’t wait to report back!

Dreams of an Aloe Garden

Last week we had the rare opportunity to spend a leisurely day in San Francisco with my sister’s family. Geoff had an engagement session to shoot there that day, so we invited them along. We actually didn’t do too much at all, which was perfect.

Day in SF 001

Day in SF 002

Day in SF 003

We lounged around in Golden Gate Park and while the kids ran around in the grass. It was the first time Bear had actually been able to run free in the great outdoors. He had a blast with his cousins. We ate delicious shawarma on a picnic blanket and I learned a new song on my ukulele.

Day in SF 007

Day in SF 011

Day in SF 006

Day in SF 009

While Geoff was on his shoot, the rest of of toured around the botanical gardens. My sister suggested it would be great to check out the plants because I was on the market for some new greenery for my front yard. I love the colors in the fountain there.

Day in SF 013

I could not get enough of the Aloe plants! I think I want to pant an aloe garden. What do you think, could allow be the new hot succulent? 😛


I wouldn’t mind some cactus either.

Day in SF 020


For dinner, we all went to zee German restaurant, Suppenküche.

Day in SF 025

Day in SF 024

I can’t get over how good these pretzels with bavarian cheese were.

Day in SF 026

And because it was literally a block away and super yummy, we went to Smitten for dessert, one of our favorite spots for amazing liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream.

Day in SF 028

Non-exhaustive list of tips I would give myself about traveling with baby

Baby Tips-011


GATE CHECK | Checking the carseat and stroller at the gate is great. Super easy and you can also use it to schlep around your stuff through the airport. Best thing ever.

Baby Tips 001

EXTRA ROOM IN THE BAG | Make sure your carryon/diaper bag has a little extra room in it. This is just in case you need to throw something else inside during/before the flight, like the carrier, or a bottle of water, or a big bag of popcorn you bought in the airport food court, etc.
SLEEPY PLANE BABY | Time naps so they happen on the plane. If this means postponing a nap and a briefly cranky baby so be it. Right before the flight, feed baby a warm bottle, put him in the carrier, rock and sing to him during boarding, and as soon as the plane starts moving, he’ll be out like a light. Now all you have to do is not move for 1-2 hours.

Baby Tips 001 2

SURE, YOU CAN SIT HERE | On a flight that is not full (and does not have assigned seating), sit as far forward as possible and park you and your husband in the window and aisle seats, with an empty seat between you. Settle in real good. Keep the baby highly visible. You might get lucky and keep that middle seat to yourselves.
HUMAN BABY TOY | That would be you mama. Nothing is more entertaining to baby than sticking his fingers in your nose, mouth, and ears. That and playing peekaboo with the lady in the seat behind you.
LAYOVER ENERGY BURN | Layovers are a wonderful thing when you have a baby. It’s time to have a legit meal, stretch, do an easy diaper change, and let baby run around the airport for an hour or two and make friends with all the old ladies.

Baby Tips 003


HOTEL CRIB FTW | Call the hotel to make sure they have a Pack n’ Play or crib and leave yours at home. One less thing to bring.
Plug your phone or iPod into the hotel’s radio and play some sweet white noise for baby when it is time to sleep. Feed him a bottle, lay him down, and turn off the lights and stay quiet as death until he drifts off to slumber land. After that you can turn a light back on and talk quietly, maybe even watch TV. However, if you want to watch the Golden Globes, go ahead. Baby will fall asleep anyway. (Thank you baby.)
CLOSE THE DOOR | The bathroom door. Always. Bathrooms are irresistible to babies, didn’t you know? The last thing you need is tiny toilet water-covered hands.
CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, YES PLEASE | Even if you plan on going out to that cool breakfast place you read about, go to the free hotel breakfast and feed the baby some food. You will be glad you did. Hijack a banana or two and a mini box of Cheerios for later as well.

Baby Tips 001 3

BATH TIME | Hotel bath time is just like regular bath time but the toys are now single-serving shampoo bottles.

Baby Tips 006

Out and About

POUCHES, POUCHES, POUCHES | Baby food pouches are your friend. Bring tons, buy more whenever you see a CVS. Bib that kid and toss him a pouch. Food = done.
NAPS STILL RULE | Just because you want to go-go-go and see-all-the-sights and eat-all-the-food, does not mean baby will be down to do the same. Make sure he gets his nap. Plan to relax in the hotel sometimes, or if you are going to be walking around in the stroller for a while, he might sleep there. Museums = great nap time. Also, don’t push it on bedtimes every night, but every now and then is ok.

Baby Tips 010

Baby Tips 009

ROUGH PATCHES AHEAD | Baby will not be perfect. Baby will not be perfect. Baby will not be perfect. Routine will be thrown off, naps will be missed, everything is exciting for baby and therefore exhausting. Baby will not be his normal self at all times, and that is OK. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Roll with it. Be accepting of plans changing. Enjoy all the good moments to the max.

Baby Tips 012

Closed: one family’s journey in search of lunch and understanding

As we were planning out what we wanted to do while we were in Savannah, there  was one thing at the top of my list, and that was to eat at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. They serve Southern food so delicious, there is a line everyday that forms around the block and takes about an hour to wait through. Everyone that knows Savannah, both visitors and locals alike, know the amazingness of this place. You sit down with strangers at a table for 10, where twenty-some-odd dishes are there waiting for you to share, family style. Geoff and I were super excited to go. We ate a very tiny breakfast at the hotel, and after getting ready and giving Bear a nap, we headed out to Mrs. Wilkes. It was about a mile to walk there and it was pouring rain, but we didn’t mind because we were so excited about the upcoming meal. We had a good walk to Jones street and finally got to the block where the restaurant resides. There was no line. Uh oh, I thought. Sure enough, when we approached the door, there was a sign posted:

Savannah 003

We were both CRUSHED. So we decided to instead go to the next best restaurant for southern cooking, The Lady & Sons, owned by Paula Deen. A little more touristy, but still supposedly good. It was all the way back the same way we’d just come, actually only a block or two from our hotel. So we walked the mile back, in the rain that was starting to come down harder. We walked up to the door and saw this:

Savannah 004

Funny thing is that it was open last night, but we decided not to go, since we’d be eating at Mrs. Wilkes today. :( There was another good lunch spot I’d hear of (not Southern like I really wanted, but unique — African sandwiches). So I looked up Zunzi’s on in the map app. There were two locations of Zunzi’s about equal distance from us each about a half mile walk. I chose the one that was slightly closer, Zunzi 2. When we came around the corner to see this, I nearly cried:

Savannah 005

At this point Geoff was getting really frustrated and super hungry, and we were both tired. I’m sure it didn’t help that it was raining even harder now. I neglected to see that Zunzi’s was closed on Mondays, even though it said right there in the map app. We took off again, soaking wet, very unhappy, and hungry, to the other Zunzi’s.

Savannah 006

OMG finally.

Savannah 007

Looking forward to sitting down to lunch, we discovered that this is really just a takeaway place, with an interior so small that I couldn’t even fit inside with the stroller, so Bear and I waited outside while Geoff ordered our food. 

Savannah 008

We took the food back to our hotel and ate. 

Savannah 010

The food was good, but it was not happy times though. We were frustrated at each other about the situation. It also didn’t help that Bear was being very demanding the past couple days, not his normal easygoing self at ALL. We were exhausted. Words were said, feelings were hurt. I wanted to post our food hunting “adventure” story earlier on, but by that point I really didn’t want to because the memory became tainted in my mind. I thought to myself, why would I want to remember this? Then I recalled something I learned about memory from a podcast that I’d recently listened to. It was a little fact about how the last part of something that happens to us can set the entire tone of how you remember something. I felt like that is what happened and the story was over. 

But it wasn’t.

We finally (begrudgingly) left the hotel room again, to go to one of the art museums. We were still pretty sour but we went anyway. Things started looking up. The rain stopped. Geoff got coffee. We walked through beautiful squares. 

Savannah 011
I took photos of fun things I found. 

Savannah 020

We took advantage of Savannah’s allowance of alcoholic beverage drinking in the street. (BTW Sweet Tea cocktails are awesome)

Savannah 003 2

We saw a bunch of awesome art. Bear napped in the stroller the entire time (thank goodness!)

Savannah 019

Savannah 016

Savannah 017

We saw about a million beautiful homes and buildings.

Savannah 021

We took a walk in the park. We even walked about a mile out of the way to try and find (the world’s best) mint juleps, only to discover it was even further than we thought, by a long shot. But by then, it just wasn’t a big deal. We were happy and having a great time. Even Bear was being great.

Savannah 012

We watched a truly beautiful sunset from beneath a canopy of Spanish moss.

Savannah 013

We walked leisurely through Savannah at night, enjoying the eerie mistiness.

Savannah 015

And the street lights. 

Savannah 022

And the riverfront.

Savannah 003 3

And to finish the night off, we did end up finding a couple of mint juleps for the walk home. 

Savannah 023

I really feel like I can say it was such a nice day. Things started off fine, then got pretty bad, but because we eventually shook it off and had a great time in the end, and that is how I will remember it. Cheers to Savannah, you are a beautiful city, and I’d love to return again someday (this time for a whole tummy full of Mrs. Wilkes cooking!)

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