Coca Cola logo hidden message

The video has gained 687,000 views in 12 years. Or that the Baskin Robbins logo had the number "31" hidden in the letters, "BR"? Coca-cola Logo Hidden Message. In other words, they hadn’t been socially engineered or clickjacked into posting this message:Sophos Home protects every Mac and PC in your homeIf you see one of your Facebook friends post a message like this, and click on the link you’ll be walking into a trap yourself and could soon be spreading the dodgy links to your online pals as well.And it’s not just hidden messages in Coca-Cola logos. Do you believe what The Mighty God tells you to do?

Amen.hehe i dont like satan im the most evil of all time hahahahaha i will visit whoever read this.whats me out..It’s in graven images, in artwork, designs, pictures. A shoe literally built for the game of tennis. 666 is a satanic number and symbolizes satanic cult.Their largest subsidiary, Westfield Insurance, has a symbol similar to Google Chrome, also resembling three reversed 6s.The  popular multinational manufacturer of  multiple products that may be household cleaning, care products, laundry washing, baby pampers etc.The old  symbol of procter and gamble potrays the church of satan and devil worship.It shows those tiny ram horns with three sets of star placed in such a way that if the stars of each set  are joined together  they form the number 666,the devil’s number. The SHOCKING hidden message on Coca-Cola logo! The Secret Symbols on Coca-Cola's New Cans. 12 : Coca Cola You can see a Danish flag in the company logo . it is unclear if this is intentional or not 13 : NorthWest Airlines.

Coca-Cola’s gift for creating universally adored advertisements isn’t a secret, but it’s in their recipe for success. This was just brought to my attention, during that Bible Study group, that I’ve attended tonight.Some of it seems like reaching to me but just like people say God works in mysterious ways, well so does the devil. Come on….Fuck yard 666 your are retarded my friend. Origin. Monster is only an Energy Drink like Red Bull. Each time you contribute and pay into these demonic companies either knowingly or unknowingly, you are giving Glory to the one it does not belong to and Satan who hates you, gets the last laugh. Origin.

Companies have a history of … The polar bears have bottle caps for eyes and bottles on their nose. People of Egypt customarily render this in drawing two serpents on the wings showing the goddess protecting upper and lower Egypt.This  Candy advertisement reveals a hidden message that is Berry-sex-Plosion.It says woman go crazy by the voice of late Barry white.Reading all the comments that say, “this is stupid” gives me a little faith in other people. Of all their iconic songs and symbols, the Coca-Cola Polar Bears are one of my favorites. Until more users learn to be suspicious of liking pages like this, and keep a closer eye on what installs itself on their Facebook page, these scams are likely to continue.Some other versions give the so-called hidden message a devilish spin:Here’s an account which suddenly started advertising a scam page, even though its user hadn’t logged in for some time. Yes this is too god damn stupid Live your life through God, not satan and you will be blessed. Walt Disney starts with a “W”, your brain is interpreting a “6” because of your mindset causing you to have Visual Illusion. Three of the posters agreed that the V of Doom had invoked fear in them when they were younger.You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation.can we just put shitty tiktok memes on another site

?, or does it say I shall find what I look for?, other than looking at a company logo and finding these numbers , what conclusions can we idraw based on your;well what is this reason logic, facts you discovered while researching each of these logos or the ravings of an adolescent mentality caught up in the vagaries of its own self imposed imaginations , there is evil and good intention , deliberate and unintended consequences, our choices should be governed by reason and faith, not reactive to drivel such as thisI love to see those who don’t allow the devil to keep them blinded with his schemes its time to take those blind folded off and see the truthIt just goes to show…that Satan’s at work everywhere! So I guess this was either accidental or a case that went quite subtle with the subliminal message.They are a major Aus based international mall chain; the recent Kenyan terrorist incident was in a Westfield. Symbols have a way of influencing the subconscious mind.. I used to hoop in a pair of Reebok tennis shoes. Satan and the fallen angels will do anything to evoke creator and at the same time they been teaching us for centuries to do the same!

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Coca Cola logo hidden message