al cardenas meet the press

This is a patriotism check. He knows the governors are on the front lines. Then, the party doing something I thought the Democratic Party would never do in my lifetime, performing effectively, you know, doing the right organizing thing, clearing the --They acted like a party -- the goal, right? Look, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I know I, for a fact, don't want to get angry at people.I don't want to be angry. But it's not. Our party is going to have a debate about issues, but I am the candidate from the very beginning that said we have to cross the river of our divides when I announced on that river in the middle of that blizzard. And --There's a pragmatism to her progressive politics.Right, and so now you've got a conclusion that Biden's going to pick a woman as a running mate.

If it is this president that gets away with this, the next president could be a Democrat that could do the same thing. You'll probably go in and just get an injection. Like the letter was perfect. You fear him?Yeah, listen. Do you accept that criticism? Young people get it. What is the Bernie Sanders path to the nomination?Back now with End Game and the fallout from Super Tuesday.

It's like, this was deeply offensive in a non-ideological way.And that's a challenge for Democrats, is that it's very difficult, from sort of a messaging perspective, to launch this challenging impeachment process and also to be able focus on these other issues. So I sat down with all of our Democratic leaders in our state, with both U.S. senators, with talking with our congressmen, our local elected officials, the speaker of our House, president, the Senate, they unanimously passed my emergency legislation in one day to give us the flexibility. Ramped up to multiple different levels. Joining me now from Los Angeles are two founding members: Former senator and Secretary of State, Democrat John Kerry, who created the group, and former California governor, sometime Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger. We're going to do the things we need to do. He can't cross-examine my witnesses. And I think that's part of the struggle here ---- is that it's so overwhelming, how do you tackle it one piece at a time?In fact, Chuck, it's not.

Here is the fact, this is undeniable. And it allows us to tap into a lot of resources that we couldn't otherwise do.

Climate Change Conference begins tomorrow in Madrid, amid sobering new studies on the effects and acceleration of global warming. That's not today.

They're not even being given a choice right now. I was out there and people turned out. You know, we are not like the Republican party, where they say, "He says jump and they say, 'How high?'" They don't have stock in the fossil fuel companies. And one of the issues, as you well know, that here in Michigan trade has been a disaster. We've got a person from Maryland that went to the state of Pennsylvania --This is like, in the last 48 hours. But I think what we are doing in this campaign, Chuck, is we are taking on not only the entire political establishment, we're taking on the corporate establishment as well. Negative ads will only help Donald Trump. You have Arnold. What would you do?Chuck, in real time you've got to evaluate the situation. For $15, you can own the libs who keep forcing paper straws on you, by purchasing these Trump-branded plastic straws. And for him, unlike most of us, somebody shooting some -- an innocent civilian in the Middle East is not a big deal.He believes, A, "Those are bad people.

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al cardenas meet the press