lockheed constellation speed

Passengeraccommodations and fittings were re-thought, with climate control brought upto proper spec, and noise levels reduced considerably.The Constellation vanished from first-line commercial service in the early1960s, with the type lingering in second-line service into the 1970s, eventhe 1980s.

The weather radar would become common in laterConstellation production, and arguably enhanced the Constellation's alreadygood looks. TWA set up a transcontinental service with thein the fall of 1953; the airline asked for, and got, various refinements tothe engine installation to incrementally improve cruise speed. The type had an endurance of 30 hours and a crew of 28 --16 active, 12 relief -- most being systems operators; five more crew could beadded for long-duration missions. It was expedited on the presumption that Tom Dewey was goingto win the 1948 presidential election, and that it would become hispresidential VIP transport. The end of the war resulted in the cancellationof further production of C-69s. 28 were built, being sold toeight airlines, including: QANTAS (9), KLM (4), Avianca (3), Iberia (3),Trans-Canada (3), Air India (3), LAV (2), and Cubana (1). Initially, they flew in natural metalcolors, but were later painted white on top to keep them from heating up,with selective high-visibility orange markings added later. SAGE was apioneering data network, in which radar stations -- including, in this case,flying ones -- fed data to control centers, which then automatically directedinterceptors to intruders. Both Douglas and Boeing flew prototypesof pressurized four-engine airliners -- the "DC-4E" and "Stratoliner"respectively -- in that year, but the Lockheed Corporation was overburdenedwith building small twins. They retained the belly and dorsalfairings, but the radars were upgraded to modernized AN/APS-95 search radarand AN/APS-103 height-finder radar.

Like the L-1049D, they had squarepassenger windows -- military Super Constellations typically had portholes --plus fore and aft upward-raising cargo hatches, and reinforced floors. Being good meant introducing new features previously unseen on passenger planes. There were two lavatories in the rear. The additional power, along with airframe reinforcement,permitted higher take-off weight. The Connie averaged 331 mph, flying nonstop in six hours, 57 minutes, and 51 seconds on this flight. They wanted to build the company’s first large transport, one that “would carry more people farther and faster than ever before, and economically enough to broaden the acceptance of flying as an alternative to train, ship and automobile,” said Johnson. * The L-1049H was the final production variant of the Constellation family,with the last rolled out in November 1958. None were obtained bythe military.The grounding didn't slow down the Constellation much, with the "Model 649"introduced in October 1946.

The primary change was fit ofwingtip tanks capable of accommodating 2,308 liters (609 US gallons) of fueleach, raising the total fuel capacity to 29,370 liters (7,750 US gallons) andincreasing range by 1,125 kilometers (700 miles). The interest in the DoubleWasp was driven by the fact that the Duplex Cyclone had a number of problemsearly on, notably a tendency to catch on fire; but the problems wereresolved. The engines drove newreversible-pitch props, which shortened landing roll.

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lockheed constellation speed