names similar to arthur

I'm getting kinda good at thisI don't really like the name itself but there are so many Arthurs in fiction and in real life that I absolutely love so I wish I liked this name better.This is one of my absolute favorite boys names ever! I know he is very well loved, he has left a strong impact on my family so yeah, there's that:) I'm from the south, Tennessee, and i like a lot of classic English names, and i don't let my family's opinion waver mine. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Arturo.

The nickname Artie is pretty cute.I really liked this name but at the moment my thoughts are too full of Arthur Donnithorne from "Adam Bede", which I've just finished reading.

He is classic, handsome and kingly. Do you need a Middle Name to go along with the baby name, Arthur?

Check out some of our favorite powerful picks with us!Find a name that’s like Arthur, but just a little bit different. Arthur is named after his great grandpa too.How popular is the name Arthur?

Arthur Name Popularity.

With their great meanings and signature styles, we love each name on this list and hope you do too!I have always loved the name Arthur and thought it perfect for one of my 2 Princes.Powerful boy names exude more than strength-they also have style!

Love his character so muchI really like Arthur.

Arthur Written In Chinese (Pinyin) 诶艾儿提艾尺伊吾艾儿 Middle name for Arthur? Italian, Portuguese and Spanish variation of Arthur that makes the original feel more romantic and dashing. I think it is a lovely old fashioned name and would like to get some opinions that would encourage the parents.That's funny to me because I got my mom to watch the BBC's Merlin and she kept calling Prince/King Arthur "Author" I think in her case it was due to the British accents of the characters, since it becomes something like "Authuh"If I named a son Arthur it would mostly be because of the wonderful Arthur Lowe (Captain Mainwaring from Dad's Army)!You will receive an email (no more than once per day) summarizing any new mentions of Arthur on Nameberry.

It's very classic and classy.Well, i really love the name. Would you like to follow Arthur?I love the association to the King Arthur legend. Home (current) Baby Names Baby Names Girl Names Boy Names Unisex Names. We’ve scooped up solid picks with great sounds, meanings, and more here.Arthur was my grandpa’s middle name. We like how it fits with our girls’ names which are both elegant Shakespearean names.We’ve compiled a list of the best boy names that check off all the boxes for us. 16 names similar to Arturo. Login Register . I wanted a name that would suit my son throughout his lifetime, as tempting as it is to go with something cute for when they’re babes and children, it needed to be a name for a man as well. is a unique search site with 100,388 names collected from 2,386,895 family trees, containing 117,856,380 people.

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names similar to arthur